Embrace the power of yoga with ’50 Years a Yogi’ by Roxanne Louise Swan


    Roxanne Louise Swan has launched her debut book, 50 Years a Yogi. This is a heartfelt, deeply spiritual memoir that explores her life story and also has the potential to inspire readers to make positive changes in their life. It’s an engaging journey from trauma to enlightenment and everything that happens in between. For the author, it is clearly a very personal journey and one that has a lot of detail, inspiration, and spiritual reflection.

    50 Years a Yogi begins with Swan going off on a retreat for Yoga teachers. From there, it paints a rich, detailed picture of her life and expands in all directions to consider the traumatic experiences with her alcoholic family and the pursuit of healing and enlightenment that brought her to Yoga and helped save her life, quite literally. 

    Roxanne Swan creates a powerful narrative that centers around the path to enlightenment, healing, and discovery. For her, this path lay in Yoga, as other practices and solutions did not help the author as much. It is a book that has a lot of raw emotion and does not shy away from exploring the darker aspects of life, from drugs to family dysfunction. At the same time, the book leaves the reader feeling inspired, offering an aftertaste full of hope and resilience. 

    50 Years a Yogi is likely to thrill readers looking for a memoir with depth and meaning to it. This is an exploration of life from the perspective of someone who has withstood many difficult things and has persisted through it all. The book offers a feeling of hope, light, and inspiration without shying away from the negative experiences either.


    Roxanne Louise Swan did not publish her first book until she was 72 years old. Currently, she is working on a murder mystery that will be released soon. However, even though the artist has recently become an officially published author, her book showcases great artistry and experience, a gentle writing style, and many other positives that can interest readers looking for memoirs.

    Those with an interest in Yoga and spiritual growth are sure to find a lot to enjoy in this memoir. It’s a fascinating autobiography that begins in Minnesota in the 60s and 70s and takes the readers on an expansive journey toward enlightenment and self-discovery.

    Roxanne offers gentle prose with a lot of raw, emotional moments. It’s vulnerable and compassionate, something that leaves the reader with a positive, hopeful message and a long journey to be enjoyed. It has a deep sense of meaning and understanding, a lot to unpack and consider. There is a lot to enjoy here, and Swan does a great job of presenting her lifelong journey and exploring all the aspects of herself and her goals in an inspiring way.

    It’s a recommended read for anyone with an interest in Yoga, especially those looking for an autobiography that is sure to leave them with something more when they close the book.