A Stirring Tale of Transformation: Eugene Wallace’s ‘Hysterical Memories


    Eugene Wallace is a convicted drug dealer and a prize-winning chef with a mental illness and a crazy life full of incidents.

    Hysterical Memories is a unique and exciting memoir from Eugene Wallace. His life story is memorable in its own right, and he faced ups and downs, illness, violence, and wild incidents before he became one of the most successful chefs in the United Kingdom. This is the story that he tells through a sharp and witty collection of memories and reflections.

    Throughout his life, Wallace has been plagued by emotional instability by a severe personality disorder that led him to engage in erratic behavior and even acts of violence. He spent time at rehab facilities and in prison and even attacked his father with a claw hammer. Wallace became a convicted drug dealer and was everything one could imagine of the typical person involved in criminal, crazy, and violent behavior. However, this is not how the story continued. From this place, Wallace managed to become a recognized chef. 

    Eugene Wallace’s story is full of contradictions, and that can fascinate the reader. The journey of transformation is incredible and keeps the audience engaged throughout, through the sorrow and the joy. The book successfully inspires the reader to empathize with the author and to understand the difficulties around these taboo experiences better. 

    Eugene Wallace himself is a drug dealer, a convicted criminal, and also a prize-winning chef, one of the best ones in the United Kingdom. His story is raw and honest, with a sense of authenticity that presents the reader with those sides of life they tend to ignore. It’s a story of family relationships, of losing oneself and losing everything, rebuilding one’s world from a foundation of poverty and having absolutely nothing. Wallace once appeared in the paper for his academic achievements. Then, he was in the paper for violence. Then, he achieved something even better, and through these high highs and low lows, the reader will remain spellbound.


    This read is sure to interest those who enjoy memoirs, as well as readers looking for an in-depth exploration of themes of mental illness, poverty, and personal change. The story is wild and wilder still because of the truth that lies behind it. The author delivers a fast-paced, engaging narrative with a lot of emotion and promotes a reflection about what it means to be in prison and be released into nothingness, what it means to be mentally ill and branded or seen in a certain way. There is a lot of significance to this topic, and there is a great deal of importance in conversations about poverty, mental health, and violence.

    The memoir is raw, honest, and often bold. As a story, it is quick-paced, unputdownable, and sure to keep readers engaged. It opens a discussion on meaningful subjects, and the author successfully engages his audience by openly and honestly sharing his life story without fear and shame. 

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    The memoir is certain to leave a mark and offer readers an unforgettable story, all the more fascinating because it reflects a true life experience.

    We had the pleasure of interviewing the author. Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

    Please tell us about your book. 

    Here is the story of a man’s life that has been riddled and ruffled with emotionally unstable personality disorder, a known mental illness. Despite spending a considerable part of his life at various rehabilitation facilities, Eugene’s life was largely marred with crazy-bound incidences. He was a convicted drug dealer with a history of violence. His case was so bad that he even attacked his dad with a claw hammer. He was everything you could think of when it came to drugs and crime. However, from the lowest depths of a mentally unstable man, Eugene rose to become one of the UK’s finest chefs of all time.

    What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

    Living my life in solitude made me a better writer, as it made me think deeper.

    Any message for our readers?


    My Message to all the people who read my book called Hysterical Memories is you can all live a great and fantastic Life, and you have the power to make your dreams come true. For the people of the planet Earth, my great Gift I can give you all would be to get yourself a copy of the book I wrote about called “The Neo Tech Zon Power Discovery” as it will open your eyes to Reality. It will give You all Great Personal Power. I like to say, Keep away from Drugs and Alcohol, as they will take your dreams away From You. If you do them, you will likely end up in Jail and also develop a mental illness, and you will die a painfully slow death. 

    In the next few weeks, I must face Brain Surgery as they have detected that I got an Aneurysm 12mm in size. It has also become a blood clot, and when they will open my Skull on the operating table, they told me there is a big chance I would get Brain damage, a stroke, even Death and end up in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. “But My Book Will live On.”

    So tell us, how can people find out more about your book?

    You can find out more about my book through my website.


    Thank you so much, Eugene, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!