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Suspense thriller author talks about his latest novel

Mastho Vamsee is an author of thriller twists and suspense filled stories. If you love the protagonist in a haunted house with a dark...
Eva Rojano Author pic

An interaction with Mexican author about her success journey & latest novel “The black...

1. Please tell us something about yourself. My name is Eva Rojano, I am an independent writer, illustrator and university teacher, from Mexico. SCI FI...

An interaction with award winning author and public speaker

Marcus Carter is an award winning author and public speaker. You may have heard of him as "The Goal Mentor." He has written Heart, Hustle,...
Mental Health Makeover

Laura Gray from USA talks about her latest book: Mental health makeover

Today, we have Laura Gray with us who is based out of USA and has an extensive experience in the field of Mental Health....

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