Koku Africa aka Thomas Quarshie Drops New Single ‘Dogs Kingdom’ : A Fresh Afro-Pop Delight!


Koku Africa is bringing out his new single, Dogs Kingdom. It’s a fun, exciting Afro-pop track that draws some inspiration from the classic Who Let the Dogs Out? by Bahama Men. The song combines a variety of styles and sounds to create a soothing track with a simple structure but a deep message. It is sure to interest fans of Afro-pop and those looking for solid voices in the genre.

Koku Africa is an artist who has released several singles and compilations. His music offers the unique sound of Afro-pop, blending it with genres like spiritual and reggae. Often, his pieces have a deeper spiritual meaning and a message of peace. He shares tracks that focus on Jesus and the artist’s experience of his faith, which is deep and full of emotion, something that is clear in all the music that Koku makes.

Dogs Kingdom is a deceptively simple track with stylish vocals and a solid structure that engages the listeners. It has a hypnotic quality thanks to the singer’s deep voice, the repeating patterns that grow and become better with each repetition, and the appealing lyrics that hide a deeper idea.

The simple message of Dogs Kingdom is the imagery of a place that is full of peace, an idea of a world that could be more utopic than the one we live in. The artist weaves a charming set of images that engage the listener and create a nice vision, accompanied by deep, rich vocals, and the lyrics that use repetition effectively to create a rhythm. The song is soothing and pleasant, with a tinge of nostalgia and melancholy, the longing for a world that does not exist.

Thomas-Quarshie-Koku-Africa Fans of Afro-pop might find a lot to enjoy in Koku Africa’s music. He offers a different sound and has an engaging voice that’s not quite the same as many of the artists working today. He centers the quality of his music, the message behind each song, and the ability to express things that are very significant for the artist, such as his faith and deep-held beliefs, rather than focus on a social media presence or a public persona. There is always a sense of humanity and a charm that engages the listener more deeply and builds songs that one can return to again and again.


Dogs Kingdom is a charming entry point into the works of Koku Africa. It is a solid release that highlights the unique strengths of the performer, such as his voice and meaningful lyrics. You can find the music streaming on different platforms. Enjoy the soothing, spiritual sound of Dogs Kingdom over at YouTube:

Discover the artist’s music also on various popular platforms, such as Apple Music
. This is an artist to follow for anyone who is looking for more Afro-pop performers, especially those who dare to step outside of the traditional mold of who an artist is supposed to be or the topics they should explore in their music.