Channel Your Inner Pop-Punk with Slow Kids Playing’s latest EP ‘Phone Home’


Phone Home is the striking new EP from Slow Kids Playing. It’s a six-track journey that takes the listener through many different emotions and experiences. Slow Kids Playing has reached a high level of success and has an audience who wants to see more from them.

With a rebellious vibe and urban stylings, Slow Kids Playing offers a unique take on the pop-punk and skate-punk genres. This is an aesthetic that shines through in all of their music, as well as in their presentation. Their tracks are bold and striking.

As a band, Slow Kids Playings define themselves as Pop Punk, and fans of this genre of music can find a lot to enjoy in their track. Their first EP, Game On!!!, is full of energy and enthusiasm, and this is also true of Phone Home. With plenty of 80’s references, the artists are already making waves and building a solid brand for nostalgic listeners and pop punk fans.

The influences that can be seen more clearly in the band’s work come from the 80s. There are touches of synth-wave and metal in regards to the sound, while their topics, lyrics, and style also draw from pop culture, skating, video games, and just overall a fun vibe. The band, at the moment, consists of Rooster, who provides some amazing vocals, and also two songwriters, Dim Sum and Michotic. This explosive combination came about in 2022, and Game On!!! was their first release. A fascinating little project was the Slow Kids Sleighing, a fun Christmas song with positive energy and a fun vibe that will find a lasting position on Christmas playlists.


Phone Home comes after the audience asked the band to release more music and, specifically, to do another album, a complex undertaking for any indie artist or band. However, Slow Kids Playing delivered successfully with Phone Home. The album’s title makes a reference to the famous character ET from an 80’s film, and this provides a perfect complement for the band’s retro aesthetics and sound.


This is an EP that is sure to draw the attention of skate-punk and pop-punk fans who want to discover fresh voices in the genre. The band started their journey in 2022; however, since then, they have achieved significant success and have managed to build a solid fan community. Listeners remain expectant to find what new releases will be coming from this band, but one thing is for sure. Slow Kids Playing are forging their own path as a pop-punk band. 

You can find Phone Home, as well as their first EP, Game On!!!, on different streaming platforms. Discover the official YouTube channel. You can stream the music and enjoy the incredible journey you can take alongside this outfit over at Apple Music and also on Spotify.


Stay tuned for more new releases, as the Slow Kids Playing don’t intend to slow down and are gaining traction to create and build a stronger community and musical legacy.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Michotic from the band. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Please tell us about your journey.

Slow Kids Playing started making music in 2021 when Dim Sum and myself (Michotic) met at a nerd store (Killerfinds) and talked about video games, old-school cartoons, and of course, music. After a conversation, we realized we had a mutual love for pop punk and skate punk. After working on songs for friends and a couple of films, we decided that we were ready for a singer. We decided to post an ad in a music group on Facebook, and out of the good handful of responses, we ended up getting a submission from Rooster. Now, here we are.

Please tell us about your latest EP Phone Home.

We recently put out our 2nd EP titled EP Phone Home. We actually were getting requests to put out a 2nd album by quite a few people after our Game On!!! EP dropped, which blew our minds.

Any message for our readers

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