Automaton: The Electro-Pop Band takes you on a captivating journey with their latest single ‘Groover’


Automaton is an electro-pop band from West Sussex. The latest release from Automaton is the single Groover, and beyond this, Automaton has built a sizeable catalog of electro-pop and synth-pop that is distinguished by a particular style, an expert sound, and an ethereal quality that transports the listener to another place, building a strong atmosphere with an otherworldly feel. The band is spearheaded by Nadine Distefano.

Automaton began releasing music in 2017, with the first album from the band, the next one coming in 2018. Groover is the latest single release, a stylish and emotive piece with thrilling female vocals, but before that, the band dropped several albums, including The Calling in 2022 and 2018’s At the Edge. Their singles include PapillonTake Me Home, and As I Am.

Currently, Automaton is in the process of touring the UK with the Phoenix tour. They have hit Brighton, Guildford, London, and Birmingham so far, and this summer tour has led them to some very fun locations and amazing performances.

Automaton is a band that is sure to attract the attention of listeners who enjoy synth-pop and electro-pop. Their style is unique and remarkable thanks to the sound they create, which can be melodic and expressive. The vocals, courtesy of Nadine Distefano, are impactful, full of emotion. The band offers striking lyrics and a distinctive sound with a marked ethereal quality that combines the retro synth sound with a modern twist, creating a unique and charming melody that distinguishes each of their tracks. 

Automaton is likely to find a place in the playlists of many a fan of their genre and even beyond the genre. The band has a solid vocal performance and melodies that stick with the listener. The lead vocalist offers a deeply resonant performance that transports the listener immediately and keeps them hooked.

If you like the vibe of Groover, their newest release, check out the two albums and the past singles, as the band came with a strong debut and followed it with a powerful sophomore album. If in the UK, make sure to stay tuned for the next tour and live performances in an area near you.

Discover this band if you enjoy synth music, female vocals, retro vibes, and out-of-this-world energy. The band is growing a sizeable following and is sure to get even more fans in the future, reaching listeners on both sides of the pond. 

You can follow Nadine on Twitter @NadineDistefan1 and check out all the links on the website. Automaton is a stylish band that has shaped a flair of its own and continues to create music with a lot of punch in the lyrics, sound, and melody, harmonious and challenging at the same time. Synth-pop fans shouldn’t miss this UK-based outfit and might want to check out Groover, the newest single, as well as the albums that are available across different music streaming platforms.