The Rise of a Visionary Artist: Crimeboss 9ty9ine blends caribbean styles with modern flair in his singles ‘Girlz’ and ‘GS99’


Crimeboss 9ty9ine is an artist who creates amazing, stylish, and passionate music. His two latest releases are the exciting single Girlz and the EP GS99. This is an artist with a distinctive style and personality, with his music proclaiming his talent loud and clear.

Crimeboss 9ty9ine has always loved music, and that is the main drive for creating it and sharing it with others. He became an artist because he felt that his passion for the craft was infinite, and this is clear in his tracks. 

This artist was born and raised in Jamaica. At 16, he dropped out of high school and, two years later, went to the United States. His music is based on reality and his experiences; Crimeboss 9ty9ine prefers to avoid music rooted in fictional experiences or in pretending to be someone you are not. The music he creates is based on real life and is deeply authentic, even as the artist puts his twist on everything that he creates. 

His music is colorful, with influences from Jamaican and Caribbean styles, but profoundly unique. This artist stands out thanks to his delivery, vocals, and lyrics, which come together to create something distinctive. There are rich melodies to be enjoyed alongside impactful lyrics drawn from real life and not centered around a constructed persona. Unlike many other modern artists, Crimeboss 9ty9ine wants to be seen as he is. 

The artist has developed a distinctive style with a certain edge that adds to his charm, and his music always reflects the deep passion he feels for the craft and a constant willingness to grow and develop that has already earned him a few thousand fans. 


Crimeboss 9ty9ine is continuing to rise in the music world. His music is distinguished by style and flair, a polished sound, great production quality, and his own approach to creation. It is sure to please those looking for artists with influences from Caribbean styles, modern indie artists, and those with a versatile approach to music.

You should check out this artist and see the current catalog of music he has managed to build. You can enjoy the newest releases, Girlz and GS99, as well as dip into past songs. Each one is a great showcase of the artist’s unique skills and passion, which are certain to only grow in the future.

Crimeboss is not afraid to explore different themes in his lyrics and builds stories that many can relate to and be fascinated by. His stories are raw and true but often inspire positive emotions thanks to the delicious melodies the artist creates and his unique vocal style. He is bold and daring in his visual expression and builds a presence that can appeal to many.

You can find his music on SoundCloud and on Apple Music.