Adrian Lee Zuniga’s ‘The Lost Mane’ is the latest part of the adventure-packed ‘The Elder Scrolls – Zaneta’s Chronicles’ trilogy.


The Elder Scrolls – Žaneta’s Chronicles is an exciting and adventure-packed fantasy trilogy from Adrian Lee Zuniga. Now the trilogy is coming to a thrilling conclusion with the release of the latest book in the series, The Elder Scrolls – Žaneta’s Chronicles: The Lost Mane.

The book follows the adventures of Žaneta. This time, she has to return to her present and find those who have stolen her children. With an epic ride across the world of Morrowind and fantasy filled with magic and fun, the book is sure to please fans of the genre who are looking for something that will capture their attention and imagination as well. The book caps the trilogy that has brought many fans over to enjoy Žaneta’s adventures and her journey through a world both familiar and ready to be explored.


The author, Adrian Lee Zuniga, started working on this trilogy several years ago. In 2014, the first draft was finished, and he has been polishing and creating the art since then. The trilogy offers beautiful artwork to go along with each chapter and makes everything so much more immersive.

Zuniga has a fondness for this world that shows in the detailed way he presents everything. The food, the map, and every illustration and the narrative aspect are aligned with the fans’ expectations and make the world of Morrowind feel rich and welcoming to old and new visitors alike.

Adrian Lee Zuniga is an artist with a vision and a curious set of experiences that he brings to the table. He is a therapist, FFL holder, artist, writer, and former marine. He has traveled a lot, and the skills and experiences enrich his work. Žaneta’s Chronicles is a project that has been around for years, first as a thought, then as a plan, and finally, as the trilogy that is now reached completion. The books show a lot of craft and passion and even have input from Robert Altman, a name anyone familiar with The Elder Scrolls will recognize, as he was the CEO of Zenimax/Bethesda.

The book keeps a fast pace as the readers follow the adventures of Žaneta on an epic quest across time and space. With many familiar features, rich lore, and details that make the reader feel immersed in the narrative, this is a great choice for fans of the genre. Make sure to check out the other two books and get the full story of the adventures of this exciting protagonist across many different scenarios and obstacles.


You can find The Elder Scrolls – Žaneta’s Chronicles: The Lost Mane, as well as the two previous books Part One: Vvardenfell and Part Two: Edge of Oblivion, on Amazon.
There are also available audiobooks through Audible. So check out this epic page-turner if you are a fantasy fan looking for an adventure and, especially, if the name Elder Scrolls resonates with you. Stay tuned for more work from Zuniga and the fantastic adventures still to be written.