Jeanne Hopkins, Chief Revenue Officer at OneScreen has revamped marketing with her depth of knowledge and breadth of experience!


Marketing is less of a science and more of an art, and nobody knows it better than Jeanne Hopkins. She is a recognized author, marketer, and executive who has made several companies grow and expand significantly and who has many insights to share in regards to how to make marketing work beyond platitudes and tailor it to each company’s needs.

Who is Jeanne Hopkins?

Currently, the Chief Revenue Officer for the innovative OneScreen startup, this expert has been working in many different organizations to increase sales and create organic growth, among many other goals. She has focused on data-driven B2B and B2C customer acquisition, marketing, and customer success. As a result, Hopkins has increased growth, created lasting marketing relationships, and offered quick results, adapting to the changes and the environment.

Hopkins has achieved a lot in terms of sales and marketing. She has been named in the Sales Lead Management Association “Top 50″​ 3 years in a row, and its 20 Women to Watch four times. In 2015, she was one of VAR Guy Top Channel Leaders and a marketing expert from BizJournal. In addition, she has been invited to speak at various important conferences, such as MarketingProfs B2B Forums, HubSpot Inbound Conferences, MIT Entrepreneurs Forum, Social Media Today, BrightTalk, MassTLC, Social Fresh, and others. She is also on the board of leading organizations and councils.

Hopkins co-authored one of the leading books on mobile marketing Go Mobile, which quickly topped Amazon charts in the business and marketing categories, becoming the number 1 best-selling mobile marketing book.

She has worked with companies like Ipswitch and, driving millions in sales and rapid growth. Other companies she has worked with in executive roles include HubSpot, Symmetricom (now Microsemi), SmartBear, MarketingSherpa, and Continuum.

Some of the best tips from Jeanne Hopkins

1. Podcasting

What has helped Jeanne Hopkins achieve her results? One of the first strategies she recommends is podcasting. She hosts her own podcast, Table Fries, that was created to promote a specific brand, empower the female staff within it, and reach a marginalized audience, helping women from everywhere boost and develop their professional skills, especially public speaking.

Jeanne believes that podcasting provides an effective way to reach customers directly and that brands can make the most of this tool by showcasing their expertise. Each brand has something to offer because it has experts on its side, and these professionals can offer knowledge to make customers’ life easier and answer any questions these customers might have. In addition, by reaching the audience directly, it becomes easier to build trust.

Podcasts can drive a promotional strategy with a clear plan behind them. In particular, they need to offer customers experts that they want to hear from, deliver real value rather than manufactured ideas that will not draw the audience in.

Podcasting and marketing, in general, rely on consistency for the brand, and this consistency can effectively communicate value and information to the customers.


2. Collaboration

Hopkins believes that working with others, be it with amazing and less amazing people, can teach people a lot and create a lot of success for the company. Even if a person, as an individual, makes a mistake, asking for help and support from others can lead to a positive response and support, even in unexpected cases. This is because marketing relies on other people.

In the same way, Hopkins advises just to be nice and not take things too personally. Not everyone will like everyone else, and that’s not important. However, staying professional and cool, and polite will make a big difference in professional relationships and success.

Being able to delegate is a key practice to preventing burnout. The team needs to grow and succeed, so it’s important to find ways to help them along this journey and offer them significant projects. It’s impossible to succeed entirely on one’s own, and trying is certain to lead to burnout and other issues.

Finding the right people to guide one’s growth and offer advice is also essential. Finding these people within one’s own team or helping the team become much more capable is especially important because it ensures that everyone is working together and thriving in the environment. As a result, the projects receive the best possible contributions, and it becomes a win-win scenario for the company and each employee, as well as for the customers.

3. Personality

Hopkins has a highly structured routine that begins early in the morning. She believes that the two traits that are key to success in her field are being strategic and getting things done effectively and quickly. Marketing is based on results, and results come from being able to constantly move forward rather than get caught up in the minutiae of the daily hustle. What’s needed is a lot of organization, communication, and a successful path forward.

The focus on results does not mean that marketing should employ any random strategies, however, but that it should focus very much on providing real value to the customers and communicating said real value as well.

Jeanne Hopkins offers insights into how marketing needs to come from the customers’ needs and must also offer real value that helps bring trust and loyalty. One of the first strategies she suggests is the use of podcasts as a way of reaching the audience directly and offering expert advice that can serve the public. Marketing requires a lot of teamwork and collaboration rather than a single individual trying to do all the work.

Hopkins follows her own advice and offers plenty of articles and podcasts that provide real value for anyone interested to learn more about marketing and getting some valuable insight into this world. Her book, Go Mobile, is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand how mobile marketing works and how to apply it to their own brand and company. With a lot of valuable ideas, Hopkins is a top-level marketing specialist with plenty of insights to share and a lot of actionable tips that can work for small or big companies.

You can follow her on Twitter @jeannehopkins and LinkedIn.