Join the Festive Fun in Nicole Scurfield’s Christmas Book ‘Is Santa Claus Coming or Not?’


Is Santa Claus Coming or Not? is a sweet children’s book from author Nicole Scurfield. The book follows Reign’s adventures in trying to prove that Santa Claus is coming on Christmas Eve and discovering more about Christmas! This is a charming story with gorgeous illustrations that is sure to be a highlight of any family reading night. 

Reign is a seven-year-old girl who is excited to see Santa coming to town. But she has already made her Christmas list, checked it, and rechecked it, and now she has to find out and prove that Santa Claus is arriving on Christmas Eve. Reign is a lovable protagonist who goes on a lot of adventures in this Christmas-themed story. 

Scurfield is a writer with a great imagination who creates beautiful stories for kids. Currently, she is developing a series of books centering around Reign, a charming and clever girl, and her friends who explore and navigate the many challenges of daily life. The other book in the series is Where Is My Tooth? which is sure to be a hit among young readers. The characters the writer creates are relatable and interesting. Each is someone that kids can find identifiable and get excited as they see someone just like them on the pages of a book.

Nicole Scurfield

For Nicole Scurfield, this is an important consideration. As a child, books and reading were very important to her, and many of her fondest memories relate to them. In particular, a hugely important experience was being able to see a character who looked and was like her in a book. What’s more, her family was very much like Nicole’s family! This made her so excited she decided to hunt down more books with such characters, which led her to discover Maya Angelou and many other amazing authors. Eventually, it also led her to become such an author herself, creating characters who can reflect the experiences of many readers.

Scurfield’s books are often witty and humorous, featuring fun stories that can be a treat for kids and adults alike. Reign’s adventures and friends make up a cozy world readers can enjoy, as seen in the charming illustrations that accompany each tale.  

Scurfield shares that for her, books were always very special. She was first enchanted by a story at the age of six when she saw her aunt write a funny tale for her high school class. The first lines thrilled her so much she decided to create stories as well. Now, this long-held passion is clear in the two children’s books she has released, with more to come.

You can find Is Santa Claus Coming or Not? available on Amazon. Discover the laugh-out-loud story with a charming message, a series of fun adventures, and relatable characters. The book is sure to provide a treat for kids, families, and school classes, a perfect short tale to enjoy around Christmas or during other times to feel that cozy winter spirit.