Dr. Don Miller’s book ‘The Last Self Help Book that you will ever need to be happy’ offers tools to improve your life and manage stress.


    The Last Self Help Book that you will ever need to be happy is the new release from Dr. Miller, and the book offers an ambitious compilation of advice and working strategies to justify the ambitious title that promises a lot and delivers. 

    Dr. Miller works hard to fulfill the promises made to the reader, focusing on the idea that if we can control our physiological tension and arousal, we can free ourselves from many types of problems, like reducing anxiety and depression. The book offers research-based solutions centered on the idea that tension and anxiety, and depression tend to appear shortly one after the other. 


    The book explores how stress and tension can be reduced, starting with prevention. The first chapter is centered on this element, with another chapter focused entirely on anger management, considering both how the person can change their own emotional state and that of others. It explores how you can reduce tension to minimize pain, improve sleep, and cut down on procrastination. It discusses the therapeutic benefits of storytelling and the know-how of love. 

    Depending on what your issue is, you might be able to find a chapter dedicated to it or at least some techniques that are guaranteed to help you better manage your stress, tension, and other issues, so that you can thrive and improve whatever problem is making your life harder. The advice is expressed clearly and repeated in order to ensure that it is properly remembered. You can get the book on Amazon here:

    The Last Self Help Book draws from a variety of fields and knowledge sources to create something comprehensive and holistic. In particular, it ties together studies and experiences from neurosciences, Zen Buddhism, biology, chemistry, social sciences, geology, archeology, meteorology, zoology, biology, psychology, and even astronomy. The goal is to create a perspective that is as comprehensive as it can be at the moment, integrating different disciplines to avoid bias and work on something that considers human experience in all its complexity. 

    If you want a taste of what the Last Self-Help Book can offer, make sure to check out the YouTube channel run by Dr. Don Miller. Here, you will be able to watch videos on different topics and explore the ways in which the author approaches self-help. Here, you can get a preview of the tips you will master in the book, but the channel is also meant to enhance your experience. You will be guided through opportunities to enhance and grow your knowledge and put into practice new skills to reduce tension. There are specialized videos on topics like sobriety, managing trauma, relaxation, parenting, insomnia, procrastination, and self-development in general. There are some videos to explore these topics just for fun, and the channel is regularly updated. 

    Even if it is the last self-help book you will ever have to get, it does not promise to replace a doctor’s or a therapist’s advice. Instead, it can offer more tools to improve your life and manage your daily stresses, as well as specific issues. However, make sure to also look for professional help when and if it is required!