Rising Music Sensation and sought after Influencer Cody Heims a.k.a. INSIRA has taken his popularity to new heights.


The bass is an underrated instrument. It is a huge part of what makes most genres what they are and of building a harmonious, melodious sound that keeps the listeners coming back for more. But today, some artists are working to elevate the bass and use it to create something fresh and pleasant. Cody Heims, better known as INSIRA, is a rising musician and influencer and specializes in melodic bass. Heims is an entrepreneur, a creative, and an influencer who is focused on creating inspirational music that reaches many different types of listeners.

What is melodic bass? It is a mix of melodic dubstep and future bass, an innovative genre that is unafraid to focus on the right type of sound, with a gentle and gorgeous melody that centers on harmony and beauty. It is a genre that is recapturing the sensibilities of different types of music and bringing a fresh current into the modern scene.

INSIRA is working within his own niche and identity, as he knows who his audience is and how to reach them. He works with the label Melodic Bassment Records that goes for something kinder, perfectly expressed in the word melodic, rather than the more forceful and aggressive popular sounds of the moment, which use angry, unsettling sounds for particular effect. But Heims favors something softer and more expressive through future beat and trance. The music is slower but still captures the style of dance and raves, reinterpreted to bring out new flavors.

Heims does not care as much as beats per music and focuses on other elements of dubstep, bringing in pieces of other genres, like glitch-hop and drum & bass. He is more interested in how the music can be used to create melodies, not just be loud. This has helped Heims reach plenty of fans who flock to him and support his music across various platforms, even earning the nickname of the Chart Killer despite being a relative newcomer to the music scene. He is earning thousands of streams in just a few days after release, and this number is sure to grow even more in the future as INSIRA becomes a name to look out for. Anyone who appreciates bass-based music will find something to enjoy in his growing catalog of works.


Heims’s music is sure to please fans of dubstep who are looking for new takes on the genre and especially those who want something more melodic. In addition to being a musician, Heims also works as a producer and has a deep understanding of the scene, so his work is innovative and creative from different perspectives, offering something truly new and exciting.

You can find INSIRA on Spotify and SoundCloud, as well as other streaming platforms of your choice. Also, make sure to follow him on Instagram @iaminsira to get a glimpse behind the curtain and see more about his life within the music scene and beyond. You can find him at iaminsira on this social network.