Rising Music Artist Brotha Yannick’s musical compositions are full of fun vibes and quirky rap verses

Brotha Yannick

Bringing Hip Hop a much-needed feel of authentic and raw lyricism, Brotha Yannick uses musical compositions to narrate important messages and stories. Upcoming artist and musician Brotha Yannick is all set to use his musical compositions to highlight the trials and tribulations he has felt throughout his life and the obstacles he has faced. 

His musical albums remain unique and complemented with good reviews, making him a true up-and-coming sensation to look out for in today’s fast-paced game of Hip Hop and Rap. On the high of rich and successful musical compositions, Brotha Yannick is already working on another project which will encompass his own story, complemented beautifully with rich beats and music that matches his soulful vocals and strong, resonant lyricism. 

His unique artistic name is Brotha Yannick, but he has also secured the name Slay Ghost when he works in the capacity of a producer. You can check out the music videos below:


Brotha Yannick is hopeful that his talents will receive deserving praise and attention and become a stepping stone for him to collaborate and work with other industry legends and icons for the love of music.