Gods Versus Karma: The Hell Capsule Force by Author J.W.R Henderson is a unique blend of science fiction and Greek mythology!


    Gods Versus Karma: The Hell Capsule Force is an exciting new offering from author J.W.R Henderson. It is a unique blend of science fiction and Greek mythology that creates an original setting full of exciting, dark twists and turns. 

    The world is at war and has been for a while after quick shifts have taken it from tribal to industrial life. Men are always looking for a leader, and more so now, and this leader needs to be the perfect shepherd for a herd of sheep: charismatic, dependable, and someone who inspires people to sacrifice, even mass suicide… But what is the point of war if nothing changes and people remain sheep?

    There are other beings in the galaxy, far more advanced than humanity, who tried to establish trade with Earth but failed as men were not ready yet. However, these beings did not give up. They studied what humanity wanted: magic and miracles, the need to have faith, and a belief in divine beings. So, these advanced entities created something that we wanted, something to follow, fear, something to love and experience. While the sheep follow the world order, the leaders and the intellectuals notice that there are hidden strings, that something is concealed in the energy strings of the universe. These strings are sentient and have the power to become an eternal source of energy. But if this happens, they will be trapped by a select few who will now rule the universe and all life on the planet.

    Leaders are looking for a new world order while the world is coming apart. But, all stories and all myths, the legends, are failing. Now, a pair of unlikely hands will have to save the world and its future. 

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    Gods Versus Karma is a sci-fi novel that takes a unique twist by adding Greek mythology. It builds an immersive and beautiful world that can switch between perspectives seamlessly, creating a complex and intriguing plot. Henderson offers fascinating characters, a thoughtful world-building, and fascinating series of realms that readers will not want to leave. With suspense and romance, this is a perfect work for those looking for something original. It has strong, distinguished characters and serves as an original retelling. It can be recommended to lovers of science fiction, Greek mythology, and fans of speculative worlds who are looking for something new and fresh. 


    Gods versus Karma creates an original take on a genre that is becoming bogged in unoriginal retellings, so this fresh spin is more than welcome. The book creates an interesting setup and a metaphysical imagination that will set the readers thinking and wondering about realms other than these. It is sure to find favor with many different readers and help those who experience this world to go on a wild and exciting journey.

     Stay tuned for future releases from J.W.R Henderson, who is promising a fresh outlook and an interesting world that can support many new stories. Make sure to follow this author!


    We had the pleasure of interviewing J.W.R Henderson. Here are the excerpts from the interview. 

    Hi, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about yourself.

    Hi, I’m a full-time banker and a family man! I’m the Author of Gods versus Karma: The Hell Capsule ForceThe Ecclesial rise of the giants is currently finished and is projected to be released this summer.


    Please tell us about your journey.

    My journey has had its ups and downs this year alone. I’ve had one car stolen and driven into a person’s house. And my SUV was burnt up because someone shot a firework in it on the fourth of July. “God bless America,” lol. I’ve been great, though. I have a great community and group of supporters. I got married this year and was fortunate enough to go with my wife to Greece and visit a culture I wrote about. See breathtaking sceneries and structures. I’m grateful.

    Professionally I’ve had great mentors, Kim Beatty and Melissa Bryant, and a great team to work with! “You are what you put yourself around!” These individuals pushed me to be more confident, communicative, organized, direct, and focused. 

    Since graduation, I’ve had a fear of failure. I struggled with not being sure of what I wanted to do. Writing and drawing were great escapes for me. But I was inspired by Nolan’s Batman Begins, Ironman was also launched, and the superhero genre was believable! The writing flowed on the page, and you can see it. I was like, I want to do this, haha! I worked on righting my wrongs in Michigan Writers Workshops to help develop my authentic voice. Good times.

    Please tell us more about your book, Gods versus Karma: The Hell Capsule Force.

    The story moves very quickly and introduces you to a Professor named Price, a mortal man who, with a team of experimenters, hacks the system of fate and uses it as leverage and a tool to exploit Zeus and the Olympians.


    What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

    Focus, direction, passion, organization, balanced lifestyle, generosity, maturity, patience, community, fortuity, health, practice, confidence, rejection, determination, luck, research, holistic approach, gratitude, and faith helped me become successful.

    Any message for our readers.

    The inner monologue and the science of attitude shape our destinies for better or worse.

    Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

    You can follow me on Instagram @hendertainment_website.


    Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!