Discover MUDBROTHERBENTLEY’s Street Preacher Vibes in his album ‘Exordium’


MUDBROTHERBENTLEY is dropping his album, ExordiumExordium is an exciting and fun project that is sure to find a lot of fans among those who enjoy music with high vibrations, with spiritual themes, and with a lot of edge to it.

MUDBROTHERBENTLEY is based in Buffalo. He comes from the East Side of this area of New York and is very involved with his home. This is the place that informs his music and that has inspired him countless times to create something bigger and better. For the past eight years, the artist has been cultivating his music career and dedicating himself fully to this art. 

Exordium has a unique, distinctive sound that the artist describes as being high vibrational, angelic, street prophet sound; it is a very versatile album that is not afraid to develop its distinctive sound. 

The artist has cultivated a distinctive and unique sound, unafraid to go against the grain and produce music that doesn’t quite fit in a specific box, and MUDBROTHERBENTLEY doesn’t either. Listeners won’t be able to put him in a specific box. This is also a central tenet of his philosophy of life, which he recommends to others. He believes that everyone should just be who they want to be and not care about what other people say, not care about the rulebook, and just throw it out of the window.

Exordium is certain to enthrall fans of original music. It might not be for everyone. However, people who are tired of the same old thing are likely to see it as a breath of fresh air. It has a unique style with a lot of spiritual, New Age-styled ideas that are certain to engage listeners who are interested in these themes. But even on the sound elements alone, it’s a fascinating work that doesn’t quite match what people are used to. If you are looking for something novel, spiritual, and, as the artist describes it, with street preacher vibes, this is the album to consider. Exordium came out in September and has hit quite a few chords with listeners since then. Exordium is the debut album for the artist but is guaranteed not to be the last and serves as the culmination of eight years of work that have taken his craft to new levels.

You can find MUDBROTHERBENTLEY on Instagram @MudbrotherBent. Learn more about the artist and discover some unique experiences, a distinctive sound, and a lack of fear of being oneself with Exordium. You can find Exordium streaming on Apple Music. Make sure to follow the artist and discover what new projects he is doing, as his bold and unapologetic way of being himself is sure to empower his music and provide a sound that will stand out on its own merits. Follow his Instagram to discover everything about his upcoming projects and enjoy the works that will take listeners even deeper into the unique world the artist is building.