Chief Cheeroke’s ‘Video Music Box’ Featuring Royal Flush: A Vivid Display of Queens’ Rap Culture


Chief Cheeroke is an exciting rising artist who is creating some amazing things these days. Recently, he has released a new single, Video Music Box, which features the talents of Royal Flush, a name that is sure to say something to any true fans of the New York rap scene. 

Chief Cheeroke is the CEO of Austin Block Records LLC, an emerging records label. He also shines as a recording artist who offers energetic, solid music that engages the listener from the start until the end.

The artist hails from a small part of Queens, the smallest town, indeed, Rego Park. He wears this origin proudly on his sleeve, as his debut album was titled Rego Park’s Own, a reflection of the place he comes from and that influenced him so much. Queens, like other parts of New York, are deeply unique and entrenched in their own distinctive cultures. Rego Park’s Own came out in 2015.

Now, 2023 has brought him new success in the form of the new track Video Music Box. He is working with Royal Flush, an iconic figure working in music in Queens. In particular, Royal Flush has worked in the rap scene and has built a solid career. There is a lot of synergy between this performer and Chief Cherokee, which makes the album shine even more brightly.

Video Music Box is already hitting well with audiences. The video has gathered over 270k views and hits on YouTube alone via Chief’s channel and his channel for Austin Block Records. There is much to enjoy here, from a stylish urban vibe, exciting lyrics, and flawless, enthusiastic delivery.

Chief Cheeroke has undeniable charisma and style; the music he makes is full to the brim with energy. He shines in his delivery, his unique way of making rap, his writing, sound, and more. Video Music Box lives up to the name, as the music video for the song is also exceptional. It perfectly reflects the unique expertise of the artist who is working hard on his craft. It shows that his inspirations come from Queens and New York, with the strong and distinctive sound he is offering. Fans of rap would do well not to miss this new single from a performer who has managed to build a solid presence for himself and is reaching hundreds of listeners with every new release.


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