Meet Troy Bronson, Photographer from US who is a Pro in Multiple Genres of Photography…


Location Scouting photography deals in bringing a film’s vision to life. These photographers go into the world and search for locations that match a film’s script and storyboard.
Imagine the epic landscapes, the waterfalls, the historic castles, the colorful buildings, the impressive skylines, the secrets in forests, the eccentric architecture.

Documentary photographers take photos to tell a real story in a unique way that no other photography genre can. It is so vivid that it exhibits the story of real life.

Fashion photography is a genre of photography that is dedicated to showcasing clothing and other fashion items in the best possible way!

Today, we are talking about an International photographer with us who is currently based in California, U.S. He is a pro in all these types of photography! Meet Troy Bronson, He is an aspiring artist, writer, and media producer. He has experience in fashion, location scouting, art, and documentary photography.

He has worked for the Oscar-Nominated French Director of the animated film Madagascar, Bastien Dubois, making his photo debut as a location scout for Madagascar.


He believes in the vigor of storytelling through pictures. To accomplish this, he has traveled to over 31 countries to document common people’s striking lives and share their experiences with others. His passion is bringing his ideas into reality. He believes that he is a visionary and loves working either alone or with other creative people to materialize art projects, photoshoots, short films, etc.

He has worked for a few years doing different genres of photography and media to finance his education. He is currently studying at the University of California, Berkeley majoring in Media Studies. He hopes of obtaining the required knowledge to become even more successful in the field of art.

He is not just great at his passion for photography, He is also involved in community volunteer work. With his photography, he endeavors to inspire others by increasing awareness and understanding of global issues and building a better global society. He does the same within the U.S. and abroad. He has worked with the abandoned in Los Angeles and with HIV/AIDS-affected children in South Africa.
While he continues to thrive in the entertainment industry, he never loses sight of his desire to help underrepresented communities in the U.S. and different parts of the world.

You can reach out to him at, or through his website or Instagram.


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