3 Simple and Effective Tips to lose weight


Do you want to enjoy your life for a longer duration?

We all do, and It is so important to be fit to cherish our lives to the fullest!

But there is a growing problem that concerns us all. Before the advent of automobiles, everyone used to walk a lot every day for their daily chores. But after the arrival of cars and their widespread usage, most of the population started walking less. That resulted in burning fewer calories each day.

On top of that, due to the industrial revolution in the Food and beverage sector, there are more food products available that are high in sugar and fat. That is why you see such an increase in the issue of Obesity. There are so many people in my own family who are overweight. And it takes a lot of effort to reduce weight. 

Being overweight or Obese can cause several huge problems:

  • Cardiovascular ailments and stroke
  • Hypertension
  • Type-2 diabetes
  • Fatty liver disease

Prevention is better than cure. It is far better to stay fit and be healthy by reducing the extra pounds of weight. If you are looking to lose weight, here are a few tricks that can help you.

Simple and Effective Tips to lose weight

Different strategies can work on different people. You might try one of the strategies to see if it works for you. One has to make sure that they change their eating habits and exercise more often to get to their ideal weight.

1. Improve Daily eating habits


If you reduce these items in your daily eating habits, that will help you reduce weight: French Fries, Bakery products, Pastries, Donuts, Fried Items, Carbonated drinks, Fast food, Dairy.

Some of the healthier items that you can include in your daily eating are Green and leafy Vegetables, Low Sugar Fruits, Multi-grains, etc.

2. Increase Daily exercise


It is important to burn more calories each day to reduce the extra fat. One of the best ways to do that is by exercising. If you can join a gym and hire a personal trainer to guide you, that would be the best thing to do.

I used to struggle a lot because of my being overweight. I had tried many things, taking diet from a professional dietician, going on a sugar detox, and walking every day. But none of the things were giving me permanent results. Then I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer. Although it used to be hard in the initial days, it gradually helped me become leaner and fitter in a few months!

If you cannot go to the gym or hire a personal trainer, you can also try going for a walk in the morning or evening hours. You can use a fitness app to track your daily number of steps. Even if you can do 6000+ steps each day, that can help you gradually reduce your weight.

3. Create a Weight loss Goal

One of the important things before you start on the weight loss journey is to create a Goal for your weight loss. For example

How much weight do you want to lose

In how many months do you want to achieve your target.

You can use an online Weight Loss Planning Calculator to help you do this. For example, if you enter the details like your current height and weight and the desired weight that you are looking for. Such a tool will tell you 

  • Daily calories required to meet the desired goal.
  • Daily calories required to maintain new weight once you reach the goal.



 Knowing about such parameters will definitely be helpful to you and motivate you to lose weight and become the fitter version of yourself, that you were always meant to be.

I hope the above tips for weight loss were helpful to you. If you feel that if these can help someone you know, please do share this article with your friends and family.


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