Win Against the Global Pandemic with the Budget-Friendly SEO Strategy


The global pandemic has caused a special kind of headache for business owners looking to start new businesses. Aside from taking care of the many health and social problems brought on by the virus, they have dealt with the abrupt crash of a near-perfect set of conditions for startups: a robust economy, eager capitalists, and extraordinary levels of venture financing.

The National Venture Capital Association cautions that even though the investment community went into 2020 with a record $120 billion in capital readily available for startups, it won’t be almost enough to offset the negative effect of the financial crisis as VCs redirect their financial investments away from high-risk, illiquid upstarts.

You can overcome this through effective budget-friendly SEO strategies, says Terence Lim, the owner of JinMatic, a Malaysia SEO agency. Many of the world’s most innovative and notable businesses were born throughout economic downturns.


The money will be hard to come by over the next few quarters; however, that does not imply it’s necessarily a bad time to begin a business. Many things bode well for startups right now, with everybody working remotely, large quantities of gifted individuals looking for work, and less competition. More significantly, it is time to look into digital marketing techniques like Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Terence Lim is assured that SEO can support the company throughout this global pandemic. Nevertheless, SEO isn’t a one-time investment; it’s a continuous process of improving web content based upon the updates in Google algorithms.

Google enhances its search function by organizing the world’s info and making it universally available. In the last five years, because of its explosive growth, SEO has undergone many modifications. Some of the game-changing updates Google has presented in the past years are 

● RankBrain

● Hummingbird

● Exact Match Domain

These Google algorithms make the online search engine smarter than ever. Although these updates make life easier for end-users, Malaysia SEO agency and brands are required to remain on their toes to quickly integrate these brand-new strategies into their digital marketing technique.

In June 2019, more than 54% of all Google searches yielded zero clicks. This implies that a lot of users found the answers they required on the results page, so they didn’t have to check out various sites. Google takes snippets from ranked pages that offer the most gratifying answer to the query.


Using Rich Snippets As a Budget-Friendly SEO Strategy in Malaysia

For web users, the frequency of zero-click searches means that Google is doing a great task of making the world’s info useful. And since consumers have actually grown more impatient over the years, the convenience of not having to scroll through a number of webpages considerably enhances their surfing experience. But for companies, this means that the SEO technique needs to be strengthened. In my experience, even if your website ranks high up on searches, there’s no warranty that they’ll visit your pages.

The very best way to enhance for zero-click searches is to win featured snippets. This is a budget-friendly SEO strategy. Do this by implementing structured data on your website. It’s a standardized format used to label and organize the info in your web pages.


Terence mentioned that structured information doesn’t directly improve your search rankings; however, it does have SEO advantages. It makes your site more readable for search engines, helping the crawlers simplify quicker.

Take The Valley, a Bentong agricultural land as an example, Terence helped them insert Frequently Asked Question Schema, which made the search results page more enticing. The Valley is based in Pahang, Malaysia, and it is an agriculture-based development that will have farms and homesteads. It is built on 1,600 acres of land in Karak. The outcomes of FAQ Schema have actually assisted The Valley in enhancing their website visitors.

Occupying position zero also enhances your online presence, even if not all users click on your site. Remember to include your business name in your meta tags, specifically in on-page blog sites, to improve brand recall. Featured snippets also drive the greatest variety of clicks, attracting about 50% of the traffic. Schema markup is the main tool in structured SEO. It uses three formats: Microdata, RDFa and JSON-LD. Google advises utilizing JSON-LD for structured data because its scripts are relatively simpler to add, upgrade, and remove compared to the other 2.

This technique absolutely does the job for Malaysia’s small-medium business due to the fact that today’s consumers demand easy-to-find, snackable, and important content.


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