How Startup Businesses Can Build Brand Awareness on Facebook…


Facebook is the most popular social media platform as of now, with 2.5 billion users every month. Therefore, Facebook offers an excellent platform for startups and small businesses to introduce their products or services to the local market. According to Hubspot, 55% of marketers have increased their digital marketing globally, with about 52% of the marketers getting customers using Facebook. Therefore, Social media posting plays a vital role in building brand awareness in the local market.

To effectively build brand awareness, engage with your audience. According to recent studies, most consumers make their buying decisions based on human emotions, although they validate their choices with helpful facts. Therefore, when building your brand awareness on Facebook, remember to share your company’s mission, i.e., the human side and the products and services you are selling or offering, respectively. To relate with their consumers, some companies include their culture, the principles they follow, the local nonprofits they support, and vital information about their employees. Including additional information in your social media posting gives your business a personality to help potential customers determine whether your company is a good fit. Careful evaluation of a social media marketing strategy should be heavily considered when boosting brand awareness on Facebook.

 Some of the tips you can use to boost brand awareness using Facebook include:

  • Your posts do not always have to be company related
  • Respond to comments
  • Ask a relevant question to promote engagement
  • Create an effective call to action
  • Share educational and engaging content
  • Constantly monitor your Facebook page
  • Make the most out of the Word of Mouth
  • Encourage happy customers to leave honest reviews

Since every startup business has a story behind it, the key to telling the story is doing it at the right time and to the right people. Facebook’s local awareness ads are playing a vital role in helping new startup businesses build their brands. Hence, whether you want to connect with local people or promote a new store, Facebook is a platform you can rely on and invest in. However, consider doing thorough research to avoid making mistakes. 


The above article is a guest post by WyseMailer. WyseMailer offers marketing and advertising solutions design to help small businesses compete and gain access to potential customers.


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