Global Humanity makes the most impressive and impacting release on Amazon Prime…


Documentary lovers now have a reason to rejoice as Global Humanity has been made available on Amazon Prime. The trailer and the first episode of the documentary, focusing on exploring the diversities in culture and traditions among various communities in the US, are now available as streaming online videos. Christine Reidhead has directed the documentary. In her opinion, it is her humble effort to bring different racial groups in the US closer to each other, and promote a feeling of mutual respect. The director and her team deserve sincere appreciation for this much-needed effort. 

An overview of the First Episode of the Documentary 

The first episode of the documentary features Nicole Pino. She is a Native American Rancher. Nicole is also serving as Rodeo Coach at the Navajo Technical University. Crownpoint is a tiny community in the Navajo Nation. In the first episode, viewers will find the director meeting Nicole and spending some time with her family. The meeting will explore the daily Ranching Life in the community, and fetch excerpts of the Rodeo Bull riding Practice. Thus, viewers will get to consolidate their knowledge about Ranching and the lifestyle, culture, customs, and traditions in this part of the country.  


What is in the store in the upcoming episodes?

As the director states, it is her effort to reveal the various aspects of culture, traditions, and customs among different US communities. For instance, it will cover the cultural orientations among the African, Mexican, and Native Americans in the US. Likewise, viewers can get to know about their culinary culture and various social customs among these communities. The objective is to explore the diversity in culture, and various impacts from other migrant communities in shaping the US culture and customs in today’s time. 

Social conflicts and communal tensions have been part and parcel of US life. It has happened because communities were unaware of the richness and legacy in the customs and orientations among other communities. In the opinion of Christine Reidhead, these issues get a relevant solution as people get to know more about the lifestyle in different communities. It is all about to promote a feeling of mutual respect among communities, and imbibing worthy ideas and orientations, paving the way for peaceful coexistence, promoting humanity and fellow-feeling among different racial groups. 


The release of the trailer and the first episode of the documentary has already gained sensations among viewers. It is anticipated to grow further, as subsequent episodes follow. 

To watch Global Humanity on Amazon Prime, visit here


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