What if everything you believed was wrong? Author Lucien Mars challenges the current reality in his book ‘The Last Harvest’


    Lucien Mars brings a strange and secret history of humanity that integrates a variety of theories on history, ideas from religion and mythology, and more to paint a sinister and curious picture of reality through the lens of mystery. The Last Harvest: A Secret History of Lucifera, Aliens, The Illuminati & the Fate of Humanity is an intriguing look into dark and complex theories.

    What if everything you believed was wrong? What if there are forces other than the ones that can be seen? Lucien Mars reveals the history of humanity coming from an ancient ME stone, which narrates the chronicles of the Fall, as you have never seen it before. It describes the galactic wars leading to the fall, the alien cultures that want to enslave Earth, and a new insight into the history of Lucifer and the Fall overall, showing how the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. Mars strives to uncover and reveal the mystery of the Dark Goddess Lucifera, mother of Lucifer, the genetic re-creator and a central character in the wars raging across the cosmos. 

    Lucien Mars

    After this, Mars seeks to expose how the Illuminati are related to Lucifer and created the New World Order, challenging the readers’ perception of the truth and reality. Here, a cosmic plan to depopulate the planet and recolonize it with humanoids is revealed and examined, as shown on the Anonymous Georgia Guidestones, which feature an eviction notice for humanity. 

    Here, the Illuminati reveal the plan showcasing ten neo-fascist commandments, turned instructions in an Orwellian fashion for a global genocide. Here is the first one, according to Mars: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” This clearly conflicts with the reality of the billions of people, so what will happen? The author cautions that bad things are coming, a planned extermination.

    You can find the book on Amazon, where it is presented as a must-read for any occultists and people looking for books that attempt to uncover secret histories.

    Lucien Mars reports that he has been researching the galactic history of human, reptilian, and other alien races that are fighting a war, which will be fought on Earth, bringing forth an Armageddon, with the help of a reptilian archivist. Lucien Mars views this book as a warning unveiling a sophisticated plan that will get rid of 90% of humanity. 

    Lucien Mars creates a complex galactic puzzle featuring Illuminati, Lucifer and Lucifera, reptilians, secret societies, and secret plans. While this book might not be for every reader, it is sure to please and engage those looking for theories that explain the current state of the world with an occultist perspective or those hoping to discover more about this perspective. 

    The Last Harvest: A Secret History of Lucifera, Aliens, The Illuminati & the Fate of Humanity is among the best-selling books on Amazon in categories like Occultism and UFOs, bridging these two topics.

    You can learn more about the author and the work he is doing, as well as the book on his website.