Unplanned Separation, The first book in Destiny series by Dr. Delphine Tamukong is a powerful narrative of discovery and faith


    Sully Fudge is a regular teen living a life that is not entirely normal. Until one day, her regular reality comes crashing down, and she finds out that she is adopted. This raises not only many different questions but sends her spiraling into an existential crisis. Things get much worse as Sully has to face a tragedy: the death of her adoptive parents. Now, alone and adrift, she has to rely on God and discover a new sense of transformation, meaning, and purpose that will take her on a journey of helping others.

    As Sully loses her adoptive parents, not even an ocean will stop her from looking for her long-lost relatives. But, through strength and resilience, her path will take her on some amazing adventures.

    This is the first in the Destiny book series. Unplanned Separation is a powerful narrative of loss and discovery, and faith, which is sure to find a lot of success among readers who are looking for emotional stories with a deeper meaning to them. The books offer a heartwarming and sometimes heartwrenching tale of love and faith.

    Unplanned Separation will be released on Kindle on November 1, 2022, while the second part, Unwanted Child, is set for release on December 1, 2022. The books are sure to find many fans among readers looking for something with a lot of emotion and a particular focus on abandonment and faith. Dr. Delphine Tamukong successfully takes on difficult themes to create ultimately hopeful narratives centered around the power of love and belief with message of worthiness.

    This is not the first release for the author, as Dr. Tamukong has worked a lot in the genre of Christian novel and has several releases on Amazon. Her goal is to tell strong stories that center the message through powerful stories of love, loss, and more. She has also released nonfiction books exploring themes of religion and how God can help people who feel lost and abandoned.

    Dr. Delphine Tamukong is a teacher and educator, as well as a mother of three. She is also married to another Dr. Tamukong. For her, faith is central and is a theme in different works, which can resonate with readers looking for Christian narratives with strong values and ideals.

    The book can be recommended to readers looking for something with meaning and who want to feel the power of faith and love within the context of a thrilling story with different twists and turns. The story draws from parables to create a memorable tale.

    Make sure to also look for Unwanted Child, which also tackles themes of loss, grief, adoption, and faith. It follows the story of Kim, who feels like an unwanted child and for whom the love of God will offer a path forward to reconciliation. In addition to this novel series, Tamukong offers other works with heartwarming narratives, elaborating on Biblical stories and themes, which are always present and shining through in her work.


    We had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Delphine Tamukong. Here are the excerpts from the interview. 

    Hi Dr. Delphine, Great to have you with us today! Please share your journey with our readers. 

    Hi, growing up, I went to six Elementary-schools, four Middle schools, and two High schools. Throughout this time, I lived with several people and different families. I stayed with people who seemed to love me and treated me so nicely, and I also stayed with some others who seemed to hate me and treated me so poorly. 

    During these years, I have amassed diverse experiences, so I currently use these experiences to write relatable fiction stories that every family can connect to. 

    After living with several people along my growth journey, I realized I had also picked up bits of habits along the way. This led me to always question why my life was different from that of everyone around me. 

    Every school year, I was always ‘that new kid.’ I had, on countless nights, soaked my pillows with tears whenever I pondered over the endless questions of my life in my head to which I had no answers. 

    Through it all, I was grateful and will forever be grateful that I encountered God. Up till this day, I still have not gotten all the answers to the questions I used to ask, but I no longer need these unknown answers as God has taught me to understand that all the things I went through in life were meant to draw me closer to Him. 

    This has also built an innate passion in me for the people whose lives He wants me to minister into. I have come to know that everything I went through was orchestrated for a reason. I also now understand that it was a way for God’s divine intervention to bring out the beauty from what the enemy intended to make ugly. 

    What inspired you to write the book, Unplanned Separation.

    I believe that what I do today is a product of this marvelous beauty. I believe that without the suffering and experiences I lived through, I would not have been able to author the kind of books I now write. 

    For example, in Destiny 1, sixteen-year-old Sully, who is the main character, upon learning the shattering truth that the only parents she has ever known have no ounce of blood relation to her, is forced to confront many painful questions. 

    But when disaster strikes and she is left all alone with nowhere to turn, she sets out on a journey to discover herself before the mystery of her past becomes cloaked forever.

    Thank you so much, Dr. Delphine, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!