Tiffany Williamson touches the hearts of readers with a deep and emotional narrative in her book #FitToBeWilliamson


    #FitToBeWilliamson is a personal and striking story about Tiffany, who buys a Fitbit, but ends up finding a way of breaking the generational curses on her family and changing her life entirely. The book by Tiffany Williamson tackles difficult and very important subjects through a particular narrative filled with heartwrenching family stories and spirituality.

    When Tiffany buys a Fitbit, she wants to lose weight and be better able to take care of her daughter, who is currently in recovery after a three-month-long coma. But the Fitbit will change her life completely, as it is a part of a grand design, a path that Tiffany never expected to take, but that will help her completely change the dynamics of her family. 

    The Fitbit sets in motion a process of changing generational processes and overcoming trauma, breaking a curse that Tiffany has been facing as a daughter, a sister, and a mother. She will help to say goodbye to her teen daughter, cut her mother off from her life, and marry a man who is finally able to see past the pain that Tiffany is facing, helping her also become a woman of God. The book offers a particular premise with a strong focus on exploring healthy and unhealthy family dynamics, spirituality, and personal growth coming from an unexpected source.

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    #FitToBeWilliamson offers a unique narrative voice that is authentic and reflects the author’s experience in an unfiltered, raw way. As she tells her story, the book offers an insight into her mind and her past, not always pretty, but always very true to life. Author Tiffany Williamson offers a journey from her childhood to her present, from her early experiences of hardship to how she has grown over time. 

    In addition to the narrative, the book features photography by Arminta McKinney, who succeeds in adding an extra layer to the story. With a lot of heartbreaking moments, difficult events, and a spiritual center that is solid, #FitToBeWilliamson is sure to be enjoyed by those looking for inspiring stories, as well as narratives that are authentic and genuine, not afraid to tackle the harsh truths of life and find a way to overcome difficulties and loss to make a better present. It is also sure to become a great recommendation for readers looking for a story that centers on God and change arising from a spiritual awakening, as this is at the center of the story. #FitToBeWilliamson is not a story that shies away from the hard experiences of life, with everything this entails, and offers a glimpse into the life of someone who has been through a lot.

    The book is sure to provide an inspirational and authentic story with a focus on spirituality and growth coming from unexpected places. Tiffany Williamson offers a fresh voice and tells a story that is emotional and deep, authentic, and told in a way that helps you connect with the narrator and the tale.