The genre breaking fantasy series by Author B.D. Panthona is back with the second edition ‘Coven of the Dead Book 2’


    The epic saga of Hel’s Hoard continues. This genre-breaking fantasy series with a dark setting and exciting use of mythology thrilled readers with the first installment is now bringing the second part, which follows Wendy and her life in the service of the Norse Goddess of the Underworld. 

    Wendy has always had an affinity for death, a strange relationship that reflects in her witchcraft, her working funerals, and her eating a demon. But she caught the eye of the Norse Goddess Hel, who offered her a deal. Hel told Wendy to work as a reaper for Helheim, and after the tragic death of her friend, Wendy trades a thousand years of service for his soul. Now, she is trapped in a violent, confusing world that she will have to navigate as well as she can.

    Coven of the Dead Book 2 continues with the unique urban and pagan aesthetic and a fictional exploration of death and the afterlife, creating a surprising coming-of-age story. The book centers on themes of loss, whether it involves losing a career, a friend, or a love, and how one can find hope even if the experience is painful. 

    Coven of the Dead offers a path that takes readers towards hope, an adventure for the soul that is never quite finished but always takes people away from despair and towards something better.

    This is the second release in the series from author D. Panthona. She affirms that there are two certainties in life: birth and death, and her fiction explores mainly the latter. Her writing is meant to bring hope to all the people who become aware of their mortality and share her belief that what is done here elicits results on the other side. Writing from a modern pagan perspective, she hopes to take the reader out of their daily life and inspire hope for the future, that the idea of death might seem less scary than it seems at the moment. 

    Hel’s Hoard is a series that is sure to thrill fans of urban fantasy who are looking for fresh perspectives and mythologies that go beyond the typical. It has a dark setting and a lot of excitement, but it ultimately also brings a message of hope and affirmation. Pagan readers or those with an interest in the topic might also find that the book is instructive and reflects the philosophical and practical ideas of a modern witchcraft practitioner. 

    If you want to learn more about Hel’s Hoard, you can check out Panthona’s website at You can find the second book of the series from the author here.

    Panthona runs a blog with updates on her writing and other topics, sure to interest readers who want to learn more about her, her work, and also a pagan perspective on life, death, and energy. You can find the blog here. Make sure to seek out the first book in the series to begin and check out the next installments.