New York based Author Gerard C. Cole Sr dazzles the audience with his romantic novel ‘Jailed by Lust – Released by Love’


    Jailed by Lust – Released by Love is the powerful debut novel from Gerard C. Cole Sr. It tells a tale of hardship and love, of personal growth, and the unique journey two people can undertake as a couple. The novel is sure to provide a meaningful experience to anyone who is looking for a story that will challenge, thrill, and bring forth a lot of emotion.

    This fictional journey is about Sheila and Damien, two teens who meet and fall for each other, but their romance leads to an unexpected and complicated consequence, to become very real in about nine months. As both young people find themselves challenged by this development, they have to find new sources of strength and discover who they are and what they want. Damien has a scholarship, while Sheila has a new admirer with mysterious plans for her and the baby. 

    The novel centers and explores different relationships and the essential values to make it work, from forgiveness to transformation. It has a powerful spiritual center, as it also considers the relationship with God and the meanings associated with it. Sheila and Damian grow on their own and together to reach new heights and reconcile despite the odds. The book offers an inspiring journey from hardship to reconciliation as the characters face unexpected twists and turns. 

    The romance is at the center of the book. Still, it goes beyond the main love story to explore family drama, spirituality, sexuality and its consequences, and many other themes that consider lust and love and the difference between the two. The book also offers important insights about responsibility and building a relationship. Each character has an important role to play in this tale through the many voices that express valuable ideas that are sure to nurture the reader as they do the leads. The characters are authentic and full of real conflicts that can resonate with readers of all ages. 

    Gerard-C-Cole Sr

    The author Gerard C. Cole Sr. infuses this debut with a sense of empathy and vulnerability that adds more weight to each idea he shares. He is from Bronx, New York, and comes from a background with plenty of challenges. Cole faced separation from his family and siblings, life in the foster system, and a difficult transition, when the foster system simply left him on the street with no guidance or support. However, through his faith and dedication, Cole managed to make a life for himself. Now, he hopes to share the love and knowledge he has gained with others, especially with young people. He always strives to be the best person he can be and assume responsibility rather than assign blame. In addition to his debut novel, Gerard C. Cole Sr. is a talent consultant and a manager for teen and adult clients, including Voices of Glory, known for their amazing stint on America’s Got Talent.

    Book Synopsis

    When a summer fling evolves into something more, three teenagers are faced with a choice: Do the right thing, or lose themselves in the heat of the moment.

    When Damien meets Sheila, sparks fly as a hormone-fueled first encounter turns into a whirlwind summer romance. And, true to their carefree nature, the teenagers get all hot and heavy when they finally get some time alone. All is well after that until Sheila starts showing signs that she might be pregnant.

    Her aunt and confidant, Vivian, is the first to find out. When two pregnancy tests turn positive, the pair shares the news with Damien and his family.

    But, despite their hopes, things didn’t go as planned. Damien is promised a full scholarship to his university of choice, and things start to turn sour between the young lovers. Heartbroken and angry, Sheila is taken back to her childhood. Growing up without a dad hit her hard. And yet, despite all this, she thrived thanks to her strong, loving mother.

    But, human as she is, Sheila winds up in the arms of a fervent admirer, Travis, to whom she vents her frustrations. Taking her words to heart, Travis comes up with a plan that will bring him and Sheila even closer…or so he thinks.

    What does Travis have in store for him, Sheila, and her baby?

    Find out for yourself in “Jailed by Lust – Released by Love” by Gerard C. Cole Sr.

    If you’re looking for a captivating coming-of-age novel filled with powerful inspirational messages of love, faith, hope, healing, and renewal – with a heart-pumping twist – then get ready to meet your next favorite book!

    You can find Jailed by Lust – Released by Love on the author’s website. Learn more about the book and Gerard C. Cole Sr here.