Michael A. Deffina creates the perfect workbook for teenagers, ‘So What Comes Next? A Teen’s Guide to Life Planning Made Easy’


    Teenagers are in a position where they have to make many difficult life decisions. They have to choose a career or a job to decide if they are going to college and where they are going to college, or see if they should take a gap year. Is it the right time to look for a job or to take a gap year that will help them go out into the world? These are not easy choices, and they have a lot riding on them. Planning a future fresh out of school can be challenging, and here is where So What Comes Next enters the picture!

    This is a workbook by Michael A. Deffina that will guide teens to make the best choices after high school and talk to them about the options of what lies ahead. In addition, the workbook will help each individual chart a personalized path ahead that will allow the teen to make informed choices. 

    In adolescence, the future feels big, full of endless possibilities. This is both exciting and scary. Unfortunately, many teens face this decision with confusion and with a lack of guidance. If nobody in their family has gone to college, for instance, this choice might seem scarier and difficult to understand. The workbook provides a perfect guide for the future to help each teenager chart a course to become who they want to be. 

    The workbook offers different choices that explore the possibilities of life after high school and will guide the teen in making the right choices and reducing feelings of anxiety, frustration, and being overwhelmed. It is a perfect option for any teen who is worried about their future to provide comfort, guidance, and information.

    The workbook does not just focus on what to choose regarding life right after school but also considers the different careers and occupations. It is a guide to different professions that will help any teen choose the one that works best for them. It helps teens get excited about the future instead of dreading it and build a solid foundation for the path they take, making informed decisions.


    The workbook guides the teen to make a personal life plan that is unique and tailored to their particular needs, helping each reader make the most of their time in high school and whatever they choose to do after.

    This guide is perfectly tailored to teens who are close to finishing high school and are thinking about their future. It can help them make better choices and feel confident that they are walking their own path.

    This workbook will make a good gift for anyone approaching the end of high school who wants to think about their future. It’s a great way of empowering teens and helping them feel less anxious. It provides a guide with practical tasks and questions to help the young person make the best decisions for themselves and find support in the difficult and uncertain times they face.