Leave the Bottom by Author Randy Slapnicka offers a compelling narrative with cinematic narration and an exciting sea themed story.


    Leave the Bottom is the thrilling, sea-themed story about a biologist facing against a mogul. Melody Foster is a biologist and a geneticist, a specialist of the highest caliber known for her work with octopuses. She takes a consulting job at a mining operation in the sea that is warring against strangely smart octopuses. Now Melody is told by the billionaire Jack Pa to fix this strange guerilla problem or else she will face the consequences.

    With her life at stake, Melody is trying to put an end to the killing of marine life as she faces convicted criminals who are part of a diving rehabilitation problem. Now Foster is looking to save her life and save other animals, find out what happened to her long-lost brother, and secure the funding to keep her laboratory going another year. All this takes place in the saturation chamber deep beneath the sea, where Melody is surrounded by dangerous criminals and faces a huge threat that constantly reveals more and more layers.

    Leave the Bottom is a thrilling book by Randy Slapnicka, someone who has given his life to the sea. The author was born and raised on a small farm in North Dakota. When he was nineteen, he decided to become a diver and an underwater welder, even though, at this point in his life, he had never even seen the sea, much less dived.

    Randy Slapnicka

    This decision took Randy through a life full of different jobs, each of which he took with a great deal of confidence and success, being willing to take any risk necessary. Randy has been a computer salesman, a hardware manufacturer, a stockbroker, a real estate developer and a real estate broker, a software developer, a miner, a restaurant owner, a bar owner, a cell tower developer, a help investor, and, finally, a novelist. Slapnicka spends his time in Puerto Penasco and Puerto Vallarta in Mexico and in Arizona, in the United States of America. 

    Leave the Bottom is a thrilling read with a lot of information about deep-sea diving and octopuses from someone who is a real expert on the topic. It adds a strong touch of non-fiction to make the fiction more interesting and give it a solid foundation. The book offers a compelling narrative with high stakes that is sure to get readers thinking about marine life and what is happening in the world today. In addition, it offers cinematic narration, exciting events, and characters that will stay with the audience for a long time. You can get Leave the Bottom on Amazon, as a paperback, or on Kindle.

    This is an exciting debut with a fascinating setting and a lot of details that are based on the author’s experience with deep sea work, which adds a layer of realism. It is sure to please fans of action books and get people thinking about marine life and the impact that people can have on the mysterious world of the ocean.