Award winning Motivational speaker Sam Glenn is inspiring readers with his latest book – Be the Difference’


    Be the Difference: A Timeless Approach to Living an Exceptionally Unforgettable Legacy from motivational speaker Sam Glenn is a unique and fascinating experience that has the potential to change your life. Here, Sam Glenn discovers the One word that inspires other people to care and build their legacy, to contribute and build a better future. This one word has every chance of making a difference in your life.

    Glenn suggests that the one action word is at the heart of improving one’s life and the lives of those nearest and dearest as well. The author presents different case studies, amazing stories, and lessons that can be easily applied to the life of any person, starting to make changes as they read.

    While a single word can feel or seem like a small thing, the book is especially great for those who believe that the little things can make a difference. The book can provide a lot of energy and motivation to connect with one’s life purpose and inspire others through time, talent, and treasures, what Glenn describes as the three T’s.

    You can find Be the Difference: A Timeless Approach to Living an Exceptionally Unforgettable Legacy on Amazon:

    Be the Difference is a great option for leaders in the workplace, as it can help individuals build a better approach to inspiring and motivating others. But for one’s personal life, it also offers a lot of benefits. It’s about inspiring others to care. You can’t demand or force them, but you can build a culture that inspires others to care in an effective way all the time. You will learn how to build a Be the Difference culture with the help of this book, which will take you step by step towards your desired results. For your workplace, it can result in an engaged, highly motivational, and positive work environment, what every organization dreams of.

    In addition to these benefits, the book has a light and fun style that makes it an easy read. It offers a lot of engaging ideas through an easy-to-read text with plenty of stories and enjoyment to be found along the way.


    Sam Glenn is an award-winning motivational speaker who has influenced thousands of leaders across the world and has helped many organizations build a caring culture. His keynote speeches have served as the highlights of a variety of conferences over the world, thanks to his ability to make learning fun and still deeply inspiring. He has been named among the top 100 best motivational speakers working today. At one point, he was homeless, broke, and depressed, and then he realized that he still had one thing, his attitude. After he changed it, he found that everything in his life had changed, also. Now, he shares his experiences to inspire countless others to make a difference in their lives.

    This is a perfect read for people who want to live better lives and are ready to make changes in their lives. It’s for those who are thinking about their legacies and their potential.