Author William A. See is thrilling readers with his new collection of short stories ‘A Dozen Strange Tales’


    William A. See is thrilling readers with his new collection of short stories. A Dozen Strange Tales offers a journey through a variety of engaging prose stories with unpredictable twists. This short story collection is a wild ride of emotions from funny to heartbreaking, always offering something important to consider, ponder, and reflect upon.

    The collection offers a dozen of short tales that create very distinct experiences. For each one, it is clear that the author had a particular intent for each of his pieces, and it reflects in the remarkable writing style of each. Some are dramatic; others are tall tales that lean heavily on the strange aspect of the title. They draw inspiration from classic short story writers, like the witty and clever twists of O.Henry and the darker writing style and themes of Edgar Allan Poe. 

    The tales feature strong prose with a crisp writing style and a deep meaning in each story that leaves the reader wanting more. Each tale has its own taste and often builds on classic approaches to short stories, something that is quite rare nowadays. There is plenty of mystery and intrigue to keep readers hooked throughout, always wanting to turn the page and see what See has in store for them next. The stories reflect a strong sense of the craft of story-telling and a deep understanding of the work that goes into creating a strong short narrative that can stand on its own. 

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    William “Tennessee Bill” See is a musician, physician, and writer. He plays the fiddle for The Glade City Rounders. He is a fan of old-time music and plays in this string band with a classic style. In addition to his other skills and interests, he is a horse enthusiast. He holds multiple degrees and is a true modern polymath, which shines through in each of his works.


    See has published books before and has voiced audio versions of his books. He has published the novel Sons of Barbee Collins, the children’s book Lulu Kissed a Caterpillar, and Index Bubble, a non-fiction book on economics and asset prices. Each of the books offers a unique side of See’s talent. The newest addition, A Dozen Strange Tales, offers a glimpse of his ability to develop the short form to create strong narratives. Each story features an unexpected development to keep the reader engaged and on their toes, looking for the next twist. Each story has its own flavor and distinct atmosphere, but all have an interesting premise. Through drama and weirdness, the collection offers a remarkable journey to the readers. It is sure to please fans of short stories, especially those looking for something in the vein of classic narrators, like O.Henry, and the collection is sure to become a mainstay on their bookshelf.

    You can find out more about A Dozen Strange Tales available on his website. You can also get the book in its audio version, narrated by the author with his charming Southern accent to add something special to each tale.