Beyond Hype: A realistic look at Blockchain’s impact on various industries


Blockchain is one of those concepts that are on everyone’s mind, as well as on everyone’s feed. Alongside concepts related to crypto coin and other such topics, it’s often not understood and becomes a buzzword to make things seem more interesting, high-tech, and cutting-edge. However, blockchain does offer a lot of fascinating potential and can be utilized in a variety of ways. But to use it, we need first to understand what it is and how it works rather than use it as a buzzword.

Blockchain refers to a database, a collection of information that is maintained and updated. But blockchains are different from other databases because they make the data unchangeable. 

Here is why blockchain is so strongly associated with cryptocurrency. They can be used to make a record of transactions that can’t be altered in any way, which means that all records are stored securely and without falsification. In addition to this, blockchain is linked to decentralization: data is not stored in a single space, on a single server, or even on just a cloud. It’s shared among a series of “links” in the chain. 

Once the data is stored, it is “blocked,” which makes it immutable once it is in the system. This means that there is a single point at which it can be altered – when it is input into the system.

Blockchain has a lot of uses beyond crypto, despite being so strongly associated with this industry. It can help increase trust and create reliable data that can be applied in many different fields, especially those that have faced issues with fraud. It can streamline processes and reduce the need for the involvement of third parties, for example, auditors who need to verify the data.


Blockchain can be used in many industries and fields. Today, it appears as a promising technology with a bright future that is certain to develop in unexpected ways. Today, it is becoming increasingly a topic of interest that goes beyond a specific space and is being discussed more broadly, with all the potential it entails.

In a world that is based on information, safe, secure, and immutable data is worth too much. It’s important to keep ourselves protected, and being able to store it in a way that guarantees this safety is sure to serve plenty of different professionals and contribute to the development of various fields. 

Blockchain can protect against fraud, information loss, human error, and all kinds of bad intentions. It secures the data and ensures that no changes can be made a posteriori, which is sure to benefit different fields, from research to finance to law, in ways that are not being fully explored at the moment.

The above information is provided by Bijan Burnard, the CEO of Lattice Labs, a leading blockchain laboratory. If you want to learn more about blockchain and current industry developments, Lattice Labs provides plenty of information on its social media platforms and hosts relevant articles that allow users to learn all about the latest developments in blockchain.

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