A country girl at heart, an animal activist and lover… Let’s hear the Success story of Model and Actor Ruby Lightfoot!


Ruby Lightfoot is a model who rose to fame as an ambassador for America’s Next Kids Top Model (ANKTM) at the age of ten. She has appeared on the cover of Wild Child Magazine and Child Model Magazine. She is a member of the popular social media influencer group, The Squad.

She has also acted and danced, appearing in the live movie Elvis Lives. She has walked the runway at LA Fashion Week from 2015-2018 for Lil Jewels Boutique. Her birthday is on 23rd September 2005. She was born in United States of America.

Ruby-Lightfoot Ruby-Lightfoot

Ruby is a talented barrel racer and was the 2020 champion, senior winner. Ruby is an animal activist and loves all animals. She’s a country girl at heart.

Ruby wants to inspire young women to pursue their dreams. 

What all does she like!

She loves Music, and likes Post Malone in rap music, Morgan Wallen’s country music and Black bear in pop music. She also likes Tiktoker Cynthia Parker and Olivia Dunne Instagrammer.

Upcoming Projects:

She will be participating in Jr American Rodeo 1st to 7th March in Texas. She is also performing in Piper Rockelle’s upcoming music video.

You can check out her Instagram handle and Youtube channel.



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