Clubhouse App – A New Way to Grow Your Brand


Clubhouse app is creating a buzz among people in recent times for its unique twist – audio-only. Besides being a platform to hang around with like-minded people, listen to live interactions about topics that interest you, this year-old platform is a great way to grow your brand.

Clubhouse is addictive and fascinating, for a good reason. Where else can you hop into the same chat room where you hear Elon Musk talking about space travel, cryptocurrency, and AI?

Unlike many other social media apps, this audio-only app offers short as well as long-term business goals.

Here’s how you can use this platform to grow your brand.

Create a Room & Build an Engaged Community

When you have begun to use this app, you would be drawn by the opportunity to build an engaged room and expand your sphere of influence.

You can create rooms in Clubhouse on the subjects you are specialized in & are passionate about and provide valuable insights; this helps you establish yourself as a thought leader or an industry expert.

Besides this, you can also expand your contacts by networking with other influencers and entrepreneurs. Engage with them and build an invaluable business relationship.

Stay Updated With Latest News and Trends in Your Domain

“Social listening” is the word that best describes Clubhouse. You could keep an eye on your competitors, go after the categories related to your niche, follow other influential people in the same industry.

Get Feedback or Suggestion from the Users

You can ask for feedback on a new feature, your new business idea. You may get help from other entrepreneurs, and they would tell you if your idea is the next big thing or a miss.

If you have no idea to discuss, you can talk about the business problem you are currently facing, and you would be amazed by your peers’ response.

Connect With Investors

Create a room to talk about your business specifically, and there is a high chance of getting immediate suggestions from the investor. You may receive their recommendation to improve your service or product and pitch.

And when you take part in the other room conversations, you can talk about what you do, how you help others with your product or service, and more.

Remember, venture capitalists are a considerable part of the crowd getting together on Clubhouse.

You can also use email lookup tools such as to find the venture capitalists’ email addresses and directly send them an email.

Make Announcements Using Clubhouse

When you have set up an engaging community, you can announce your brand news in your Clubhouse room.

For example, if a launch is coming up, let others in your room know about it. You may get recommendations from your community.

Final Thoughts

I hope you find this article insightful. Go and create your room and build an engaging community. When the right person listens to your conversation at the right time, miracles happen.

As time passes, all your engaging conversations will strengthen your brand and grow your influence.

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