Talented Musician Juhan Ongbrian’s song ‘Changes’ featuring Shane Sato is an exciting fusion of Jazz and Rock.


    Changes is the new release from Juhan Ongbrian, featuring Shane Sato. This is a jazz and rock track that blends the best elements of both genres to create something deep and engaging, meaningful and uplifting. 

    Changes is a song with a deeper meaning. It engages with topics like growth and evolution, how a person can improve and become different even when life throws different things at them, good and bad. The sound is unique, offering smooth jazz with energetic rock to shift the listener between moods and create a complex narrative with its own highs and lows. The story feels alive through the musical notes. Changes truly celebrates the power of transformation and can inspire people to embrace change in their own lives and open themselves to new experiences.


    One distinctive element of Changes is how the track goes between mellow and energetic, jazz and rock, with a masterful use of different vibes to create a special and memorable experience. In this sense, it is sure to please fans of either genre and mixes them together in a novel way that helps audiences better appreciate the sounds, vibes, and energy of both jazz and rock. 

    This single comes from the mind of Juhan Ongbrain, a guitarist, producer, and audio engineer. It was co-produced and co-created by Shane Sato, a drummer and producer.

    This single is the first collaboration between Ongbrian and Sato. The two musicians got together to work through a social networking app for musicians, Vampr. Here, both saw each other’s work and decided to make something new together. The song offers a strong blend of their unique styles and a sound that combines the top of the talent from Sato and Ongbrian. 

    Changes is sure to serve as an inspirational anthem for anyone who wants to pump themselves up for a change in their lives or find the strength and motivation to embrace something that is going to be different. It is also a way of inspiring yourself to keep going, growing, and evolving into a better version of who you can be. This song can be recommended for those looking for experiments with genres and interesting collaborations from musicians with a lot of talent. Both fans of jazz and rock can find something to enjoy here, as the song plays with the traditional sounds and energies of these genres to create something new and interesting.

    Juhan-Ongbrian Juhan-Ongbrian

    You can follow Juhan Ongbrian on Instagram @juhanonly and Shane Sato @shanesato.

    Make sure to stay tuned for future releases from each of these individual artists, with all the talent and passion they have to bring, as well as any potential collaborations that might come in the future. These are artists who understand jazz and rock and who have developed their unique voices within the indie music scene, so their future projects are certain to be interesting.