Motivational Speaker and Bestselling Author Mimi Novic has launched Wisdom of RUMI and Peaceful Tranquility Affirmation Cards


    Mimi Novic is a unique personality. She is a best-selling author and a professional in the field of alternative healing practices and motivational speaking. Now, she is bringing her new two sets of affirmation and inspiration cards that are sure to help many people find the right mood for their days.

    She is currently offering two sets of affirmation cards, each with a professional, relaxing, and gorgeous design and a unique combination of affirmations that are certain to keep the person thinking. One set is focused on tranquility and serenity, while another draws from the wisdom of the amazing poet Rumi to create a set of cards for each week of the year, and more are included per set.

    Each of the sets, like Novic’s other work, supports charities. In this case, the cards are meant to help raise money for the Prince’s Trust, which includes a variety of initiatives to help young people, such as Mosaic, which brings positive role models to underprivileged youth. Each box that gets purchased directly helps young people who are looking for a path in their lives.

    Mimi-Novic-Affirmation-CardsMimi Novic is a best-selling inspirational author who is internationally recognized for her inspirational work. She offers a series of books and quotes that are popular and influential thanks to the work Novic has done in the field of self-awareness and spiritual growth. She is a highly in-demand motivational speaker who is also working as a practitioner of complementary healing approaches, voiceover artist, and self-development teacher with a variety of different projects all centered around the idea of growth. Novic often collaborates with other professionals, like designers and composers, to create the best possible experience. In this case, she offers an exquisite set of cards that are professionally designed, gorgeous, and calming, using the perfect imagery to support the affirmational quotes printed on them.

    Novic has traveled the world and has integrated a variety of approaches and methods for changing one’s life, meeting with healers and experts across the world who taught her to embrace her unique practices and to offer other people better options for transformation, growth, and development.


    Mimi Novic’s work and these cards as well are distinguished by a careful approach to creating a specific mood and vibe and promoting individual development. The card sets are designed to encourage the person to set a mood and follow a specific idea or emotional intention.

    The affirmation cards are perfect for people looking to begin to practice affirmations and those who want to draw some inspiration for their daily life from minds like Rumi’s. Each is unique and beautiful to look at, making for a gorgeous set to gift to someone or to oneself to help with the practice of affirmations that can make a shift in one’s spiritual development. Discover everything that these cards have to offer with the two options available.

    You can acquire the cards through Mimi Novic’s website. You can also purchase the Peaceful Tranquility cards and The Wisdom of Rumi Inspirational Message Cards on Etsy as well.