Logan J. Blackman makes you feel pure musical bliss through his eclectic composition ‘Prayer of a Broken Heart’


    Logan J. Blackman is offering his release, Prayer of a Broken Heart. This is a beautiful composition that honors the memories of Larry and Laura Blackman and was originally performed by the University of Kentucky Symphony Orchestra, with Blackman serving as a conductor.

    Logan J. Blackman is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, generation 2018. He is a bassoonist, a pianist, and an organist, as well as a composer and a conductor. This broad profile allows Blackman to make the most of his music in whatever role he holds at the moment. At eleven, he started to fall in love with music when he first became captivated by organs and organ music. Later on, he moved on to develop an interest in composition and the bassoon. At 14, Blackman started to conduct, and his journey flowed naturally from there. As it was something he excelled at, his path took him to professional music and allowed him to find his vocation as a performer and artist. This strong passion shows through each piece of music Blackman is releasing, as they all offer a lot of insight into the craft and a lot of harmony that reflects a strong understanding of music from the perspectives of a musician, a composer, and a conductor as well.

    Throughout the years, Blackman has worked with many teachers to develop a unique sense of style that shines through each composition. Blackman’s album and individual pieces feature beautiful combinations of instruments, and unique and powerful songs, such as Prayer of a Broken Heart. His projects are meant to serve as a celebration of finding peace in music, something that exists at the moment and encourages people to do the same.

    Blackman’s life was marked by tragedy, as reflected in his art. When he was just fifteen, he sadly lost his parents in an accident. However, his music celebrates the wonderful lessons and legacy that they have left him. Prayer of a Broken Heart is a symphonic piece about this tragedy, how it was overcome, and the hope of being reunited once more at one time. While the emotions and loss never get easier, the memories make life worth living, and this is reflected in the piece. 


    Blackman’s music is deeply personal and reflective. It features complex compositions and a beautiful style that is sure to earn him many fans, looking for classically inspired pieces featuring orchestral and instrumental arrangements. His central message that shines through each new piece is the idea that darkness can be overcome and that people can find their way no matter what.

    Prayer of a Broken Heart is sure to touch listeners deeply and inspire them. This piece is deeply personal, beautiful, and emotive, taking the audience on a journey of despair and hope through amazing arrangements. 


    We had the pleasure of interviewing Logan. Here are the excerpts from the interview. 

    Hi Logan, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about what it is that you do. 

    I am a Composer, Conductor, Bassoonist, Organist, and Pianist. I’ve been performing since 11 and composing and conducting since 14!

    Please tell us more about your journey.

    I’ll be real. My journey has been extensive and arduous, but at the center of it all has been music. As I mentioned, I began music at 11. I fell madly in love with the art from the beginning and quickly decided what my purpose in life was. I was fortunate to have two wonderful parents who were enthusiastically supportive and helped cultivate that passion. Sadly though, I lost both of them at 15 due to a motorcycle accident. Since then, 11 years later, I’ve experienced elevated highs and bedrock lows, but thanks to their love and support from my childhood, I’ve always had music to lean on—professionally and personally. Composing allows me to channel negativity and create something beautiful that can be experienced in the moment. Performing allows me to really just let go. As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned the importance of being in the moment just for sanity’s sake, and music is my herald to “being in the moment.” 

    Please tell us about your song, Prayer of a Broken Heart.

    I’m blessed to have a decent body of work these days, however, one piece in particular Id like to highlight is my “Prayer of a Broken Heart (2017)”. The subject is the tragic death of my parents, my personal tragedy and triumph, and my ultimate hope to one day see them again. It was originally written following their death in 2011, but I later revised the entire work in 2016-2017. Essentially, only about the first 8 bars or so are anywhere near the original version (which showed how young I was at the time, hence the revision!). On 2.17.17, I had the honor of premiering the work and conducting the University of Kentucky Symphony Orchestra. I was a junior at the time, and it was highly unusual for a student’s work to be programmed on the season. 

    What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey? 

    Study, love, worship, adore, romanticize, and live music. If you live it, if you love it, you’ll make it work. And along the way, be kind to people—kindness goes a long way professionally!! 

    Any message for our readers. 

    My story with music has closely been entwined with life just being the life and not always being nice/fair. The world is in such a strange place today, and everyone is/has been going through a lot. If you feel overwhelmed, if you’re going through something rough, listen to some music and be in the moment. After all, music only exists “in the moment,” right? 

    Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you? 

    You can find me on YouTube, Facebook, and SoundCloud! More socials and media to come, though! You can follow me on Instagram @logan.j.Blackman.music.


    Thank you so much, Logan, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!