I Am Who God Says I Am And Who I Have Become: My 40 Day Affirmation Journal by Cherryl Sharp is powerful


    I Am Who God Says I Am And Who I Have Become: My 40 Day Affirmation Journal is a powerful, spiritual journal that is meant to help women on a path of affirmation, growth, and development. Through a series of affirmations rooted in spirituality and self-love, it is a great option to build a stronger self. 

    Cherryl Sharp is a nurse, minister, and certified wellness coach who is bringing together her expertise across different areas to create a journal that allows women to reflect on their experiences and use their spiritual beliefs as a source of strength. Affirmations are a common practice, and here Sharp uses a combination of wellness and faith to help readers who are journaling reach new insights and believe in loving themselves. In addition to her work, Sharp is the owner and founder of the Me Thyme brand of natural bath and body products. 

    You can find the journal on Amazon:

    The 40 Day Affirmation Journal will help readers connect with the positive aspects of themselves as grounded in the Scriptures. Sharp draws a clear line between Biblical quotations and the affirmations that she creates, so the reader can always go to the source and find the relevant Biblical quote to deepen their understanding. Each affirmation also works on its own as a verbal affirmation and helps the reader see herself as God might see her and look upon her own life through the eyes of endless love.

    The journal takes a journey of 40 days. This is not only a meaningful number, but it also is a time period that can help create new habits and build a new sense of self that is deeper and more positive for the person.

    This journal is primarily oriented towards female readers and is specific and clear about expressing ideas and spiritual quotes that are more relevant for women. It offers a space for self-reflection as well as the practice of affirmations with ample space for the reader to fill in her thoughts and ideas as well.

    The journal is rooted in the practice of loving the self and loving God, which helps creates a new self and a new way of living one’s life in harmony with who you are. In addition to the powerful content, easy to understand and meaningful enough to keep the reader coming back time and again, the journal has a gorgeous design and a beautiful cover, which makes it an excellent gift for oneself or a loved one.

    This will make an amazing option for a gift to any spiritually inclined soul and is probably an excellent choice for anyone who wants to build up their self-love through a Biblical view of the world and the self. It is beautiful, simple, and charming and reflects ideas that are certain to resonate with most readers.

    Readers have responded very positively to this journal and have pointed out that this journal has helped their personal journeys and has served as a way to connect with themselves.


    Today, we had the pleasure of interviewing Cherryl Sharp. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

    Hi, Great to have you with us today! Please introduce yourself and tell us about what you do. 

    My name is Cherryl Sharp, but most people just call me Cherryl. I am a daughter, wife, mother/grandmother, sister, auntie, and friend. In addition to those titles, I am a registered nurse, minister, and a certified wellness coach, and the owner of Me Thyme, a line of Natural Bath & Body Products. 

    Please tell us about your book.

    My book is a 40 Day Affirmation Journal. I often say it’s the readers’ book. As they are writing their own story as they read the affirmations and then the confirmation, which is based on God’s Word (The Bible), They begin to journal their thoughts which I term writing one’s own story. One of the most important things about the Journal is it is confirmed by God’s Word. As a woman of faith, that means everything to me. 

    As a certified wellness coach, I understand in order to be whole; it is important to care for your body, mind, and spirit. All three are equally important. If you exercise seven times a week and have a poor diet, you are out of balance, just as well as if you eat right and your thoughts are negative and self-limiting, you are equally out of balance. So it is very important to care for all, body, mind, and spirit. 

    In this book, I believe it covers mind and spirit to some degree. As you are changing how you think about yourself, based on how the Creator sees you. And for your spirit, you are reading in the Bible what God has said concerning you. Thus, to a degree fueling your spirit. Understanding the seasons of life and the complexities that come with it, as a woman, has led me to ‘a calling’ to edify, encourage, and empower women based on the Word of God. 

    What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey? 

    Whatever your journey is and how you are traveling (so to speak), consistency, passion, and Love for what you do are the keys to success. 

    Any message for our readers 

    You are not your mistakes, or what you may deem as failures. You are not other people’s opinions. 

    It is so important to know what the One who created you has to say about who you are. You are most important to him, and the Love that he has for you is not even comprehendible. You are valued. 

    Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you? 

    People can find out more about me by visiting my websites: www.aundrasharp.com, www.methyme.com or emailing me @ aundrasharp@gmail.com. 


    Thank you so much, Cherryl, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!