Heal your Inner Child with ‘Shadow Work Journal and Workbook’ by Victoria Stevens


    Shadow Work Journal and Workbook: The Comprehensive Guide for Beginners to Uncover the Shadow Self & Become Whole as Your Authentic Self | Guided Prompts for Inner Child Soothing, Healing & Growth is the best-selling journal and workbook from author Victoria Stevens. This is an effective collection of practices that will help the reader dig deep into themself and free themselves from the grip of the shadow part of their personality. 

    Victoria Stevens is an author who has made it her mission to share the most effective self-improvement, self-discovery, and personal growth methods through a series of effective workbooks, which includes the current volume with Shadow Work.

    This is a journal that takes the reader on a journey that helps them explore the dark side of their personality in a safe way and uses proven techniques that will facilitate this process. Here, the person becomes able to discover the dark side and grow as a result in a way that might not be accessible otherwise.

    The author and famous psychologist Carl Jung was one of the first to introduce the concept of the Shadow. The Shadow is a dark side of ourselves that we don’t usually show to others. Instead, we keep it hidden behind the mask we put on to interact with others. This part might be perceived as dark, but that doesn’t mean it is evil. Often, it’s the part that is vulnerable or sad, ignored, and that might evoke shame or avoidance. 

    This unconscious part of our personality can include positive and negative elements, but often it includes the things we have been taught to avoid and not manifest. It can be related to trauma and painful experiences of the past. 

    We usually ignore the Shadow, but when we do, it can take control of our lives and sabotage many things we try to do. However, when it is faced and integrated, brought into the light, warts and all, it becomes an unparalleled source of emotional growth and development. It is an essential step to take for anyone hoping to unlock their full potential.

    In this workbook, the author masterfully brings together the writings and techniques from leading psychologists and authors who have focused on Shadow Work. With a gentle approach, it enables readers to heal their Shadow and bring it out without the pain and guilt that one might associate with it. 


    The workbook can successfully guide the reader on the process of self-acceptance, providing the necessary theory and practice to empower the readers to begin this journey. The power of shadow work is significant and can help anyone integrate all the aspects of their self, love them, and become free from the shame and the social constraints of their mask.

    Shadow Work Journal and Workbook come in two different variants. You can find the black and white version and also a full-colored version available through Amazon. You can also learn more about the workbook on the website.


    We had the pleasure of interviewing Victoria Stevens. Here are the excerpts from the interview. 

    Hi Victoria, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about yourself.

    Hi, I am a professional writer of Self-Help books that fondly loves life and firmly believes in the infinite power of self-development and self-grow that each one of us should harness before the end of our human life. 

    Please tell us more about your journey.

    I was born in 1973 in San Francisco, California. In this picturesque city, my life was a sharp contrast. My childhood was made dark by verbally abusive parents who gave me my trauma at a young age. This decimated my confidence and self-image and led to me moving from one troubled environment to the next for the longest time.

    Throughout this entire time, my brain was working, thinking, and wondering about how my adult life tied in with my childhood, and eventually, the obsession became enough to push my life into a new direction. 

    I started to delve into theories of developmental psychology and childhood trauma, which I found helped to alleviate my suffering and could be used to help those around me also alleviate their suffering.

    Before I knew it, one thing had led to another, and today I am the author of several successful Self-Help books. I’ve helped thousands of people to heal the wounds they have been carrying around throughout their entire life. Together we have helped them to regain a healthy and successful self-image, we have healed their inner child, and have integrated their Shadow Selves to help them achieve a new sense of wholeness and freedom. My daily practice has been heavily influenced by many renowned psychologists, psychotherapists, and physicians, such as Carl Jung (which is why you’ll see he is the main influence in this book as well).

    Aside from that, I grew up in a household that was not very religious, so I also never became very religious myself, but I still found myself loving nature and feeling connected to the outside world. One of the ways that helped me feel very connected was journaling about everything, and that got me thinking about how we could use this to bypass the usual religious ideas behind self-improvement and healing. 

    What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

    I found that my passion for journaling makes a great alternative to meditation and other religiously influenced techniques. Journaling helps me to record my thoughts and feelings, then reflect on them and plan forward, thinking of where I am going in life. This is an aspect of analytical psychology that I have become an avid enthusiast of throughout my career.

    I decided that I want to use the skills and research that I have accumulated throughout the years to inspire others, as this will help me to make the most of my own values, and furthering the research and knowledge will also help me to advance my career as a writer.

    So, I made it my mission to share the most effective methods that I have found—such as the famous “Shadow Work Journaling Workbook,” “CBT-inspired writing prompts,” and “3 Letters to Improve Personal Awareness and Authenticity“—with as many people as I can.

    When I am not working or writing, I retreat to my favorite place to self-reflect, the sea. I have found the ocean offers serenity; it offers a place for people to celebrate their joy and socialize with each other, and enjoy the unpredictable ocean. When I head out on the ocean with my sailboat, I feel at peace and connected with my inner self. This is when I truly allow the beauty of life to surprise me.

    Any message for our readers?

    I hope that throughout this book, you get to see my heart and vision beyond the ordinary and that you will let it take you on a journey of growth and love while fighting your insecurities with me. If we can do this, I know this book will offer you a life-changing experience.

    Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

    You can visit my Linktree or follow my Facebook page, Shadow Work by Victoria Stevens.


    Thank you so much, Victoria, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!