God Knows Records Label is home to many new artists that can become the next generation of hit makers


    There are many labels today that are looking for new talent. But few are genuinely interested in uplifting creators and making waves through dedication to the names they release. God Knows Records is an emerging record label that is building its story from a base of inspiration and hard work.

    God Knows Records is an independent record label based in Los Angeles, one of the centers of the music scene in the world. It publishes records and looks to uplift new artists with great talent. Their values are desire and fulfillment, which shape their work ethic and focus on doing the best and becoming the best.

    This label is currently the home to many new artists who are promising to become the next generation of hit makers. God Knows is aware that each artist is unique and distinctive with a flexible journey that will take them on their own way. Each person has their path and story, unique to them. They are guided by a singular vision that drives them forward and this label respects that always.

    You can find more info about the brand on Instagram @godknowsmusicgroup.

    Who is part of the label at the moment?

    Dirin Hirvi is a rising star with a unique style, a lot of appeal, and gorgeous music. There is Harley Suarez, with a fashionable look and a raw, emotional art that is sure to make him popular. God Knows presents SicksWays, unique and enthralling. Finally, there is Orhilay, the founder of the label and a songwriter in his own right.

    You can join the thousands of followers each artist has on Instagram. Here, you will be able to find each account:

    Dorin Hirvi – https://www.instagram.com/dorinhirvi

    Harley Suarez – https://www.instagram.com/cultleaderharley

    SicksWays – https://www.instagram.com/sicksways

    Orhilay – https://www.instagram.com/orhilaymusic

    Each person cultivates a unique visual that is sure to leave each with a legion of fans. Each artist also has a unique approach to visual styles and social media. They have a journey to share.

    God Knows Records will be releasing music by the talent in 2023. Make sure to stay tuned to hear revolutionary songs from a rising generation of stars who bring something new to the scene. The label respects and honors the individuality of each performer and creates something alchemical by blending the style and the support of the label.

    God Knows is just getting started. But the promises it makes are big, and their work so far puts a solid base to the promises.

    This is an underdog newcomer that has already bagged some amazing talents. They are beginning a path that can certainly interest many and will be full of surprise, creativity, and amazement.

    Stay tuned for new releases from artists of God Knows record label who want to shake up the music industry. They promise a lot of exciting new releases for 2023, so it is worth looking out for new events and ideas from this label. It is certain to produce something amazing.