Get your gaming fix with Shadoww: The down-to-earth twitch streamer with a heart of gold


    There are many Twitch streamers working today, and they bring different things to the table. Some shine thanks to their skill or their charisma, so they can become celebrities, while others work more to be relatable and help their audiences have fun. Jemsy, also known as Shadoww, is a streamer who shows elements of both types of strengths but who wants to help, first and foremost, to ensure that his audience is happy and gets a quality experience. As for who he is, he describes himself as just a guy who likes to play video games and enjoys the games he plays. 

    Jemsy is just getting started on his Twitch career. However, he is sure to rise higher thanks to the effort he puts into his gameplay videos, helping his viewers enjoy the game and have a good time. So far, he has mostly been streaming Dead Island 2, a game focused on surviving zombies with an exciting story and a fun set of unique systems, including its own takes on rage and crafting. Dead Island 2 is the third installment in the Dead Island franchise and is set in Los Angeles. In the past, Jemsy has covered games like Call of Duty, in particular, Call of Duty Modern Warfare. He started streaming this game when it was in beta and has gained some degree of popularity thanks to the streams that he has been doing on Twitch and also on his YouTube channel.

    As a streamer, he prefers first-person shooter games and has shown his skill to move through the game for an entertaining experience. In regards to his attitude, he is very relatable and down-to-earth, which has brought him a few hundred subscribers already.

    While Jemsy so far has played mostly action games, he is open to trying those that his subscribers suggest, so people who follow him get a real chance to influence his content and the directions where he will be going next.

    There are many different streamers on Twitch, but Jemsy shows a lot of promise and is likely to grow his channel significantly in the future. Currently, he has managed to build a subscriber base and also continues to stream interesting games regularly. His subscribers are sure to shape the course of his channel by choosing or suggesting new games. Jemsy’s work might be of interest to viewers looking for new streamers to follow and who want to engage with streams of different action games, although his future content might vary more. Currently, his signature games have been Dead Island 2 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare, so his streams are more likely to engage fans of this type of gameplay looking for a streamer who works to achieve good quality in his videos.

    You can find Jemsy’s work on Twitch and also see the videos that are currently out here. At the moment, Jemsy’s mostly been streaming the video game Dead Island 2 under the name Shadoww. Make sure to follow him on his Instagram @shadoww_dmx.