Boom bap Rapper Avalanche The Architect impresses the audience with his chartbuster Automatic.


    Avalanche The Architect is bringing the house down with his track Automatic. It has a powerful beat and a strong set of lyrics. The track is the next offering from this rapper who is trying to revive the genre of boom bap and is definitely on the way to success.

    The name Avalanche perfectly encapsulates the aggressive, ferocious style that this rapper brings to each track. He is not afraid to touch heavy subjects and offers bold lyrics, beats, and a lot of bite to each song. He is distinguished by his powerful rhyme structure and songs that are rooted in his experience, not always the most pleasant. However, the tracks have a distinctive beat and draw inspiration from 80s hip-hop, bringing back the classics in a major way.

    The rapper brings a unique discipline to his craft thanks to years of professional MMA training and fighting, which also reinforces the power of his music. 

    Currently, his music is also available with amazing videos to support the powerful lyric delivery. In addition, the visuals offer a unique presence and style that make each song a stronger experience. The videos are drawing in more and more viewers every day and are available on YouTube.

    This rapper is based in Toronto and is building a powerful brand. Automatic is a preview of the upcoming full-length album and also a mixtape that is sure to thrill fans of hip-hop, especially those longing for the days of boom bap. Boom bap is a popular genre that was especially prevalent during the golden age of hip hop, between the 80s and the 90s. It is an East Coast style that is characterized by the sounds of the bass drum and the snare drum. What distinguishes this style is a hard-hitting bass drum and then a snappy snare drum, and a marked, bold, and “in your face” audio mix that draws special attention to this drum combo. Some notable representatives of the genre include LL Cool J, Wu-Tang Clan, Jay-Z, and The Notorious B.I.G. 

    This rapper is intent on challenging norms and conventions. He is not afraid to do things outside the box and focuses on a style that fits his unique energy and aggressive drive forward. His music is sure to be enjoyed by fans of boom bap and hip-hop in general who wants someone with an authentic and unique voice, a lot of drive and commitment, and plenty of songs to enjoy. More is coming soon, and currently, Avalanche The Architect offers a unique experience through his music and other brand-related projects. New albums, tracks, and videos are sure to come soon.

    Make sure to connect with the rapper online and follow him on social media. He is on Instagram @avalanche_the_architect and Facebook @avalanchetherapper.