Arizona based Interior design specialist Amy Riggs has received rave reviews from customers


    Amy Riggs is someone who is definitely doing an amazing job, as she is challenging herself to serve the needs of her customers best. She is a helpful sales manager and an interior design specialist who is currently working at Chapman Chevrolet and developing other projects beyond these.

    Riggs does not just work in sales but is also experienced in the field of interior design. She comes from the family of a masonry contractor and an interior designer, and beyond this, generations of her family have worked in the field. Riggs has a natural talent and skill for beautiful buildings, which has helped her run the Architectural Precast Concrete division. She is also a proud fifth-generation Arizonan who knows the area inside and out and is always willing to help and support newcomers with their car purchases and interior design tips. She knows the Phoenix area especially well.


    Riggs graduated from Arizona State University and has a degree in sociology. However, beyond this, she has worked to develop skills in organization, sales, and support. Throughout the years, she has achieved excellence in every project and has received rave reviews from customers and clients across all areas. She is happy to support clients with their plans, set the direction of an interior design project, or be hired for a full job.

    Riggs brings to the table not only her unique expertise but the experience of three generations of her family, who are pleased to support interior design projects at a lower cost than the sometimes overpriced services of popular interior designers in Phoenix.

    Riggs is particularly proud of her ability to improve and build on the existing foundation to create something new and better. She updated her parents’ business from a small mom-and-mom shop to something much bigger: a company with three out of state distributors. Eventually, the organization developed so much that it was purchased by a large Texas company, working in the stone business. Another particular area of expertise is fireplaces, which Amy really likes as a consultant and design aid.


    As a consultant, Riggs offers affordable prices and also the expertise of several generations that add to her overall knowledge and skills. You will not be disappointed. 

    You can find out more about Amy Riggs and her professional experience on LinkedIn. Make sure to get in touch for projects you want to get done in the Phoenix area, as she can assist with the purchase of a high-quality car that is perfect for your needs, an interior design project that is also top quality but not too expensive, and any other project that plays to her strengths. Riggs is a customer-oriented professional through and through in all the areas she has worked in.