Add Some Spice to Your Playlist: DJKC and The Cool Caps’ new single ‘I Want Your Sex’ is Here


    The Cool Caps are working with DJKC to bring listeners the exciting new single, I Want Your Sex. The song is a perfect dancefloor track with sexy lyrics and a fun beat to get people moving till they drop. This is the first, but likely not the last, collaboration between DJKC and the Cool Caps, which promises a lot in terms of quality and keeps listeners on edge to see what new releases will be coming their way. The track will be available for streaming on June 2, 2023. 

    I Want Your Sex is a song dripping with sex appeal, a track that is not afraid to be a little saucy and even a little raunchy to create a memorable experience that is perfect for the dancefloor and is on its way to conquering new club scenes across the world. The track brings KC the best of each of the artists involved, with the Cool Caps’ signature ambitious lyrics and DJKC’s distinctive style. 

    The-Cool-Caps DJKC is an established creator and well-known DJ with a strong influence on the German music scene. The Cool Caps are a group with a lot to offer as well. They are a German/Spanish music duo working as musicians, singers, songwriters, arrangers, lyricists, and beyond. They specialize in creating songs with summer vibes, a feeling of joy, and freedom. The outfit debuted with Boom SchakalakaI Want Your Sex promises a lot and will be hitting all streaming services with three different versions: a radio edit, a club edit, and a tropical edit. 

    In addition to this release, The Cool Caps offer Don’t Stop to Dance, a cool new pop track with a dance beat that is sure to thrill fans of energetic music. The group is becoming recognized for developing a unique style that marks their songs and makes them instant hits. The style is associated with 80’s synth, hip and dance beats, funky vibes, and amazing vocals. The Cool Caps are constantly innovating and reinventing themselves, making their music feel fresh and new, with some retro vibes to add a bit more flavor. You can never know what to expect.

    Make sure to stay tuned for the release of I Want Your Sex, coming to all streaming platforms on June 2, 2023. Make sure to check out the three edits that highlight different aspects of the songs: club, radio, and tropical. All three mixes offer a cool sound and great vibes, each provides a sexy and fun song for the dancefloor but puts more emphasis on the beat, the melody, and a new arrangement that brings out a new element of style. 


    I Want Your Sex is recommended for bold listeners who want something a little spicier but still very fun and well-made. It is a perfect track for the dancefloor, the club, or the party, with a strong beat and a melody that sticks with the listener, as well as lyrics that are sure to make an impression. Check out the release and stay tuned for more from this powerhouse of a collaboration!

    You can follow The Cool Caps on Instagram @thecoolcapsinfo and check out the music videos on the Youtube channel.