Get Inspired: Oscar Biggs’ Journey of Personal Discovery and Artistic Direction


Today, we had the pleasure of interviewing musician Oscar Biggs; here are some excerpts from the interview.

So, who is Oscar Biggs, and why should we check ‘Boomerang’ out?

Well, besides the fact that my stage name is a tribute to my grandpa, who fulfilled the paternal role in my childhood, Oscar Biggs is a Boom Bap artist from Montreal who aims to lead tomorrow’s generation into a mindset and culture that appreciates lyricism, value, and true entertainment over the mainstream vanity that’s overwhelmed all facets of life in the past decade. And Boomerang, my newest release, does exactly that.

Why did you choose Turin, Italy, as the primary location for shooting the music video?

Oscar-Biggs-Boomerang My go-to industry person, Mariana Berdianu, the founder of Blue Rhymez Entertainment, lives there. And I’ve long wanted to travel beyond the borders of Canada, where I’ve been living my entire life. As we all know, Italy beams with culture and history, and I want to make history with my music. Turin was the first capital of Italy, and Boomerang is the first Boom Bap project shot, produced, and edited between three countries. The song was mixed and mastered in Brooklyn, New York, while the beat was composed in London, UK, and the visual – shot in Italy.

What strategies did you employ thus far to get to those 12k views on YouTube for the music video?

Hehe, you want me to disclose trade secrets? Well, what I can share is that initially, simply sharing the news about it got the first few thousand views in. Then we optimized the marketing campaign, and I’ve been very fortunate to get a warm reception from fans both in Montreal, Canada, and Turin, Italy.

What about the nearly 12k streams on Spotify?

Oh, that one’s easy! I’ve asked my fans to kindly help me jumpstart the streams to five digits if they want to see the visual. In this business, sometimes, it pays off to have a back-and-forth exchange with your fans about your content. Everything flows more naturally when you involve your supporters directly and engage in these types of trades.

What’s one lesson you’ve learned from being an independent artist since early 2018?


Almost nothing will go as expected, if honestly. Sometimes things go way better than planned, and sometimes you have to cancel entire records because you’ve changed your artistic direction and want to stay authentic to who you are in the moment. It’s as much of a business as it is a personal discovery journey.

Word of advice for new artists?

I’ll allow myself to quote 4 bars from Boomerang: “Society feeds us illusions/ Telling us it’s the truth and/ That I’m refusing/ Maneuvering straight through confusion.” There is A LOT you’re not told when you’re a music fan. As soon as you step into the shoes of being a professional artist, everything you thought you knew, changes. So be ready to forget everything you thought you knew about the music business once you start getting your hands ‘dirty.’

Where can our readers connect with you?

I am very active on Instagram, , on Facebook and I’ve begun enjoying TikTok lately. As for streaming links, merch, bio, and full story, you can find it all on my official website.
Thank you as well for the great interview!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Oscar for generously sharing his precious time with us. Oscar, we truly appreciate your presence and insights. Wishing you nothing but the very best on your remarkable journey ahead!