Noctem Furores Losing Light by Author Baltazar MMR is a thrilling chronicle of supernatural adventure, discovery, and growth.


Noctem Furores Losing Light: Part 1 (Chronicles of the Furies) is a new, independently published fantasy saga with a religious exploration and a fascinating, thrilling tale sure to keep readers hooked. The book was released in two parts, which you can find available on Amazon for a thrilling saga of supernatural adventure, discovery, and growth.

Noctem Furores centers on a recovering warrior who does not want to lose anymore, alongside world building that reflects the character and his journey. Claude has always been different but has also always rejected and feared this part of himself, his blood, and his lineage. Finally, his dreams are telling him a truth he cannot ignore any further.

Even as Claude is scared, he must try to become the leader that he needs to become to usher in a new peaceful era. On this journey, the readers are guided by Baltazar in an interesting meta exploration of a world beneath the world.

Baltazar, also known as Raphael, is a new, emerging author who has published two books. He is working on three new titles to add to his catalog, all of which he is publishing himself. The world of the Furies is his unique creation, a world that has been dreamt up for a long time and is now coming to life with Noctem Furores. The first volume is something that Baltazar has been developing since high school.

Claude is a character who is moving into a supernatural world with no allies and nobody to rely on but himself. To achieve it, he has to realize who he truly is and open his eyes to his past self – a terrifying warrior who is tired of losing. With the figure of the Chronicler, Baltazar, the book explores many different themes and offers new insight into the supernatural.

Noctem Furores is a unique take on a popular genre with a lot of depth and personal connection to the characters. It offers an interesting focal point as well, with a revelation of the creation of the world, one that seems very plausible and solidly built. The book is sure to please fans of the supernatural who are looking for new takes with deeper insight into world-building and character exploration. 

The book seeks to introduce the reader to the complex and detailed world of the Furies, which will be developed in future installments of Noctem Furores that will take the reader deeper into the world and continue to follow the characters that the readers have already begun to appreciate. With a wide cast and the central figure of Claude, there is a lot of possibility for the future of the saga, with books three soon to follow parts 1 and 2. This can interest fantasy readers and those who are looking to explore supernatural themes and ideas that push them beyond. With an interesting character also in the Chronicler, the book blurs the lines between fantasy and reality.



We had the pleasure of interviewing Baltazar. Here are the excerpts from the interview. 

Hi, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about yourself.

Hi, my name is Raphael, but I go by my Pen name Baltazar MMR. I am a full-time student and nursing assistant but passionately follow writing on the side. All of the work and time I have put in my spare time have helped me develop my mind and my world to make this book and journey. I am an ambitious and very open-minded individual who has had the pleasure of meeting supportive people on the journey and the creation of this book. 

Please tell us about your book, Noctem Furores.

Noctem Furores is a story about a young man walking in the shoes and shadows of his past life. He is oppressed at the start, traumatized, and rescued by people he once called young ones. He moves into a new city, a new world, and from the get-go, it is clear there is something special in him to all the supernatural around him. Plenty of them come, flicking to raw him onto their side but still unsure what he is. Claude himself refuses to acknowledge all of the small details that makes him stand out as he refuses to dawn the mantle of leader and protector. This only works for so long until it is forced upon him. The mantle fits perfectly, and he cannot refute the position anymore. 


Please share with our readers about your journey. 

As a literary student, I always hated the idea of writing in high school. I always thought the idea of becoming a writer was romantic but not helpful to the world. As my classmates started seeing the hint of a writer in me and the few gems I produced during my writing assignments, they pushed me to develop my craft and sharpen my skills. Over the years, I read a few books, watched a million videos, and built what I can consider a reliable workflow for myself. I realized that time chunking is the best way for me to get stuff done, so I would sit for thirty to forty-five minutes just writing, then editing, then writing once more. This led to various types of my wording. The growth of my craft and efficiency of my skills. I learned to clear my mind between writing sessions and to leave the writing and work simmering for a few days while I attend to something else as the inspiration returns to me or go back and read the last lines to check maybe I made a mistake.

Any message for our readers. 

Noctem Furores is a growing world; it is still in its infancy, and I hope to develop it enough for everyone to find someone or something they can hold dear. It is not perfect, but with the time and energy I put into it, I hope to make it as realistic as possible since the world itself is not perfect. I am creating an escape for everyone who needs one and a way to tunnel through the rough times. We can all do it. 

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

You can check out my Amazon Author page, but by the end of this month, I will have a webpage fully developed and published on 

You can follow me on Instagram @baltazarmmr


Thank you so much, Baltazar, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!