Jude Perera crafts unforgettable Young Adult adventures with ‘The Beast’ and ‘A Glow in the Forest’


Jude Perera has been making waves with two exciting YA adventures: The Beast and A Glow in the Forest. Both create distinctive and unique settings that transport readers to new places and exciting locales as they build solid narratives full of twists, turns, and thrills.

The Beast is an adventure and action novel that places a group of teenagers in the middle of the Sri Lankan Highlands, a setting full of dangers. As this diverse group of teens seeks an unseen, elusive beast, they brave all the dangers of the forbidden wilderness. 

A Glow in the Forest is another thrill ride through a medieval world that follows a group of teenagers who find themselves captured and relying only on each other to escape. The wilderness here is an equally dangerous place and will force them to build a stronger bond and rely only on each other’s wits and strength. 

These books are sure to thrill young readers but also have something to offer the adults who enjoy teenage escapades, thrilling stories that keep the reader turning the page, and wilderness adventures that place the young heroes in tough situations. The novels are brimming with adventure and romance, offering solid tales of survival, romance, and action that follow engaging characters through fascinating, exciting settings. 

The books don’t just center the action. They also put a lot of heart into the narrative and have a lasting emotional connection with the characters. As escapist fiction, they aim to entertain, engage, and enamor. However, there is also a lot of substance in the material. They are solid coming-of-age narratives that provide all the turmoil and relatability that is associated with such stories, and young readers are certain to enjoy not just the thrills of the wilderness and the setting, not just the turns of the plot, but also the heart behind the characters.

Readers who want a taste of the books can check them out at https://readwithjude.com/books/. Here, the first twenty percent of all stories from Jude Perera can be read for free, so anyone can see if that’s their cup of tea and get hooked on the exciting narrative. Also, the blog provides short fiction full of heart and many twisty finales to enjoy and consider. The Beast comes with stylized, black-and-white illustrations.

Jude Perera is a father of two, a CPA, an author, and an escapist at heart. He has a deep love for natural landscapes and has a nostalgic fondness for many things that he explores in his fiction. His fiction is a way to help others escape from reality and find themselves immersed in a narrative that is full of adventure, mystery, romance, and historical settings and themes. In addition to his books, Perera does travel blogging and travel narratives, also creating an extensive catalog of short fiction. 

Readers can check out Jude Perera’s work on his website. Here, they can also learn more about the author and access his travel narrative, short stories, and full-length novels as well.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Jude Perera. Here are the excerpts from the interview.

Hi Jude, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about your books.

I’m a Sri Lankan-born Australian blogger and a die-hard YA (Young Adult) fan. I have written two YA adventure books – The Beast and A Glow in the ForestThe Beast, set in the Sri Lankan Highlands, negotiates the pulsating action, suspense, and coming of age of a bunch of teenagers from diverse backgrounds who search for an elusive beast in a forbidden wilderness. A Glow in the Forest takes on the same theme of action, adventure, romance, and coming of age in a medieval world where a group of teenage outcasts form an undying bond and escape their captivity into an unforgiving wilderness. 


Please tell us about your journey.

I started writing short fiction, lifestyle, and travel pieces for various global blogs – Hackwriters, The Fringe Magazine, Eastlit, Southlit, and Fiction 365, before finally settling down for the long form with YA fiction. Passion forced me into this corner, and mutating into one of my main characters always helps as a strategy when writing YA fiction. I and the character are one; it’s easier to write then.

Any message for our readers?

If readers love any story that has teenage capers and escapism at its heart compounded by a sting-in-the-tail twist at the end or short fiction with a soul, then linger with my stories and blogs. Please visit my blog for more exciting short fiction, and please visit the following page in my blog, where twenty percent of my stories are open to read for free.

Thank you so much, Jude, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!