Sculpture artist Bailey Graham’s work explores the relationship between death and nature


Sculpture artist, Bailey Graham‘s work is unique, dark, and full of novel materials that are, at the same time, the oldest materials known to humankind. She uses mushroom art and other natural elements to create challenging pieces that deal with difficult topics, both on a personal and a societal level. Currently, she is engaging with climate change and offering a new lens through which to see the issue. 

Bailey-GrahamClimate change is a serious problem that is having a great impact on the planet. For many, however, this impact is not always easy to see and recognize. Graham makes surrealism sculptures that allow her audience to engage with the topic more directly and see the ravages that she sees through the art. 

Graham’s pieces are challenging but very accessible even for audiences that are not well-versed in modern art. She uses materials like fungi, flowers, and soil, which resonate with everyone. Graham has always been close to nature, thanks to a childhood in Canada that inspired her to spend a lot of time outdoors and in contact with the world around us. As she grew, her experiences of grief, loss, and even a personal near-death experience have changed the focus of her art to be more expressive, personal, and deeply concerned with the changes we are seeing around in the world. She often features dark elements in her work, which help the audience engage with it and ponder important issues with fresh eyes.


Her climate change art makes heavy use of the natural elements and processes that have characterized her sculptures, such as mushrooms and soil, to create unique compositions that evolve and change and help people recognize nature in an artistic sense as well to view climate change as it is happening now. In addition, it makes it smaller and more concrete, so it is more likely to inspire change. Graham’s intent is to make a difference in the world through the pieces she produces. 

The work Bailey Graham does is powerful thanks to its tight connection to nature and willingness to engage with difficult topics. For a long time, she worked closely with themes of grief and death, and these inform her work today, adding a dimension to her climate change art as well. 

Graham’s art is challenging, but the use of natural elements and materials adds a lot of beauty to it, so many audiences can find a lot to enjoy in her pieces.

You can discover Graham’s pieces through her website and Instagram @theballadofbaileyblue. See which projects she is working on now and catch an exhibition. You can be certain that you will see a lot of unique art with psychedelic and surrealist bents. Her art is not afraid to tackle important subjects and difficult topics through an effective medium. With dark subjects and elements, it becomes alluring and finds beauty in many things we are not used to seeing in this manner and encourages people to think and make real, lasting impacts in the world, recognizing the harm of climate change.


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