Bruno Nicoletti shares about the power of journaling and how this Success habit helped him in his journey…

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Bruno Nicoletti. He runs a financial planning outfit in Denver, Colorado.
Very early in his career, he had been able to accomplish metrics that most never hit in their entire career. His most recent conquest was the title MDRT.
Million Dollar Round Table, or MDRT, is a membership association exclusive to only the top 5% of Financial Advisors in the world.
He has scaled his quickly in his first 2 years, and his practice is currently valued at $2.5million.

Please tell us about your company.

I run a financial planning practice, where I am the Principal & CEO. We have a team of 4! I have two internal employees that help me run daily operations and strategic planning. I recently hired a young man by the name of Nowa Crowe, whose new title will be Director of Client Relationship.

How did you find your career path?

I was an all American Wrestler in college, and a teammate of mine introduced me to the internship at Northwestern Mutual. I was an intern for 2 years and flipped my contract when I graduated and started building my practice!


What was the first big change you had to make to get to where you are?

I had to get organized! I was never the organizational type. But that’s what building something required. Life Reward specifics! I had to begin planning my days to make sure I got everything I needed to do done.

What tool did you use to accomplish this?

I bought a journal and began logging in my to-dos every morning. This helped me create a checklist of what needed to be done.
Every night, I review the checklist to see if I got done everything I needed to do.

What were the results?

Amazing. It made me more aware of how productive I really was.
Sometimes, I would feel like I had a good day, but then I would realize that I didn’t do the most important things that needed to be done when it came to the checklist.
I quickly became more efficient and learned to get the most important things out of the way first.


What are the goals for your company from this moment forward?

I have a very ambitious goal of turning this company into a $5 million company by June of 2021.

If you could give the readers one word to motivate them to accomplish their goals?


Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

You can connect with me on Instagram or LinkedIn.


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