Award Winning Best Selling Author Mimi Novic shares amazing life insights on her podcast ‘Secrets For An Inspirational Life’


Everybody wants to discover their purpose in life. Mimi Novic offers potential answers. She interviews amazing people from all over the world and asks them to share their stories, insights, and motivation. 

In a catalog of over 90 episodes and counting, Mimi interviews dozens of incredible guests in her podcast ‘Secrets For An Inspirational Life With Mimi Novic.‘ Psychics, CEOs, athletes, martial arts masters, healers, authors, and more come to share their finest stories and strategies with the audience to provide them with tools for healing, building their success, and more. Meditations, inspirational narratives, and tips from actual experts can help any listener move ahead in the journey of self-exploration.

Each of the 90 pieces offers a unique tale of love, survival, change, spirit, and more. Mimi listens to the special stories that her guests have to tell. Together with her interviewees, she seeks to offer the listener the best in inspirational content to move you towards a more adventurous and meaningful life that is just right for you. Not all episodes feature an interview or a guest, either. Some of them focus on a topic Mimi thinks is important to explore for personal growth and spiritual development. Some examples of topics addressed on the podcasts include divine energy, freedom, and liberation from fear.

The podcast is likely to thrill an audience that enjoys a wide selection of topics focusing on motivational and inspirational content. In addition, it can appeal to those looking to discover more about spirituality or who hope to find some inspiration.

Mimi invites many personalities to her show, allowing the listeners to learn more about what it’s like to succeed in a field like acting or songwriting or sports or entrepreneurship. Even if the field is not precisely what you’re looking for, you can always find inspiration in the guests’ stories. The podcast is conversational and easy to listen to, even if the discussed topics are quite serious and important. There is a lot of variety in content and length, so the show can be with you during any time of your day or whenever you are seeking something specific.

Mimi Novic herself is a best-selling author, working with the topic of inspiration and self-help, a motivational speaker, and a self-awareness teacher. She has received the Lift Effect Star Award for her inspirational work. The podcaster is also a musician, creating spiritually infused tracks to help the listener move onto the path to wellness. Her books include titles like The Essence of Your Being and Guidebook to Your Heart.

The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple, and all other podcast distribution sites. You can also listen to the episodes on YouTube. Each one offers a unique story and tools that can ignite the spark of inspiration within the listener and motivate anyone to pursue a new dream or goal.

Stay tuned for more new releases from Mimi Novic and exciting new episodes of her show by visiting her website.



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