Witness a perfect fusion of Rap And Reggaeton in Cris Vrera’s latest single ‘Como Antes’


Cris Vrera is offering his new single Como Antes. It is a passionate and stylish track that brings the best elements of reggaeton and rap together to create a track to remember.

Vrera is just 20 years old, but he has already been making music for years. His passion for the craft developed when he was just a kid; music has always meant a lot to him and has surrounded Cris since he was a child in Medellin, Colombia. Four years ago, at just sixteen, Vrera began his journey as a professional musician, writing, recording, and playing live his very own songs. Cris Vrera has been featured in many nightclubs and venues in the United States, where he has brought his unique style of reggaeton and rap to a wide audience. Vrera draws inspiration from top artists like J Balvin, Lunay, Nicky Jam, and many others too.

Como Antes and other music from Cris Vrera stands out for its expressiveness and how much it always tries to connect with the audience. For this artist, a key element of his art is being able to express his thoughts and feelings and talk to people, sharing what he truly believes. There is a lot of authenticity in each track. 

For years now, Vrera has worked to become a great artist, putting in the late nights and trying to be consistent, always being willing to go above and beyond. His consistency can be seen in the continuous progress he has made and the growth over the course of four years that can be charted across the many releases, which can be streamed on all music platforms. 


Como Antes is a reflective, smooth piece that features a flawless delivery from the artist and offers an enthralling beat that keeps listeners nodding along. It’s a reflective song that features some ideas on relationships and how they might change, with a bit of nostalgia thrown in for the flavor. The song is sure to please fans of reggaeton who want to discover new and rising artists within this genre. The track blends reggaeton and rap seamlessly to create a piece with distinctive energy and power.

Como Antes is a great recommendation for fans of reggaeton who are looking for new artists to follow, and Cris Vrera offers music that has a solid approach to the genre, with enough unique twists and authentic creativity to make it worth a listen. For many, Vrera is sure to become a mainstay in their playlists, creating music that is not afraid to be introspective but doesn’t stop being fun. 


You can find Como Antes on all the digital platforms and stream it on Apple Music, Spotify, and also on YouTube. You can find the artist on many different platforms as Cris Vrera. His Instagram is @crisvreraofficial.

Make sure to look for Como Antes and stream it at Apple MusicFollow Cris Vrera to see new releases, which look very promising, considering his work so far.